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Win $500 worth of jewelry from Gemvara!

  1. Brittany says:

    So pretty!!! I love Gemvara and would be smitten with the black onyx thin and rich band!!!

  2. Liz Ann Hill says:

    I love the searchlight ring!! It would be the perfect gift for myself foe our April baby 🙂
    What beautiful things!!

  3. LindsB says:

    Ahhh, I love this!!! I would LOVE to design a ring for my future little one- hmmmmm the possibilities are endless. But I think I want to start a stack of bands, so I would have to pick a band for sure. I like either the button band, with her birth stone and diamond OR the Rich and Thin band is really darn awesome too! So many fun choices!!!

    I love how your boys ring looks- so beautiful!!

  4. Katy says:

    I love the thin and rich band and the searchlight ring. I might have to buy them both!

  5. courtney d says:

    my favorite is the full of love earrings! so pretty

  6. Lara says:

    Not to totally copy you -but I LOVE that Roxanne ring. I love that you can design it yourself with your kids’ birthstones. I’m totally going to steal that idea!

  7. Kristen says:

    Oh my, I love the gem letter pendant!! Would buy one with my little one’s first initial. I also adore the Written in the Stars ring. I’ll take both! 🙂

  8. lara says:

    Actually, I lied. I would get the Slim Nine Gem Band and just get 2 of them. Then IF I have another baby, I can just get one more. Lovely!

  9. Catherine says:

    Oh my the Roxanne ring is beautiful! Thanks for the chance!

  10. Alina says:

    Love the Emerald Cut Emerald. It’s gorgeous.

  11. Sean C says:

    The Carrie Ring is exquisite. Would love to win.

  12. Sharyn says:

    Beautiful things!

  13. That ring is GORGEOUS. I love it – it’s so different. If I were buying for myself, I’d probably do something similar but mix up the colors.

    But…I’m hoping – hoping – that my boyfriend and I may possibly, maybe get engaged in the next year, so I also love the Olivia with sapphires on the band. Beautiful.

  14. Christine McDonald says:

    I would love the renaissance band!

  15. Joelle says:

    I’ve been covering the Rich and Thin band since before my son was born in July! It’s on my list as a push present; my husband tells me it still counts up to a year after the birth date, so I’m still hopeful. Winning the gift card will definitely help move things along, though! 🙂

  16. susan says:

    So many pretty rings!

  17. Belinda says:

    I love the ring you designed! They have so many pretty pieces, but the one that I keep being drawn to the most is the Labyrinth Ring. It’s beautiful and would coordinate well with my blue sapphire engagement ring and wedding band.

  18. Abbie says:

    The modern heart ring… I love it! Or the delicate heart pendant. Their jewelry is beautiful!

  19. Mirya says:

    I like the gemstone by the yard necklaces! Especially the three stone one – very dainty and pretty!

  20. Kelly says:

    I love the bubble rings, everything is gorgeous.

  21. Lori says:

    The Laurel ring is so beautiful!

  22. cat says:
    Well that was fun, everything is so pretty on that site!

  23. Heather says:

    How is a girl supposed to choose just one?! Since I would rather have my hubby surprise me with my anniversary ring, I looked into doing a ring to honor my son- like you did. =) I love the ‘Infinity Love’ thin band. My love for my husband and son are absolutely infinite so this is truly the perfect ring. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway- and for bringing this company to my attention! Definitely dropping the hint to my hubby!

  24. Liz says:

    The Rich and Thin band is lovely and so classic

  25. Bethanie H. says:

    I love your Roxanne and how unique you can make it with three different colors of stones + metal choice! I think that’s what I’d have to pick 🙂

  26. Afton says:

    LOVE the brilliant pod band or the rich and thin band!

  27. Heather K says:

    Very hard to choose just one, but my favorite is Arya with a sapphire center stone. Stunning!

  28. Emma says:

    I love the rich and thin eternity band!

  29. Shannon T says:

    I would love the Mothers Gift Ring with the birthstones of my three kids. Thanks!

  30. Susan says:

    I love the black onyx rich and thin band, so beautiful.

  31. Sara says:

    The quiz was fun! I like the cushion cut red garnet in the Geneva ring style, but the searchlight style is pretty, too! I might need to search again and choose vintage style this time…

    Super pretty jewelry!

  32. ali says:

    Would love the birds of a feather ring

  33. jackie says:

    love the raquel band

  34. Katie Dana says:

    I never win things! But I will share my fav- the princess stacking rings with a combination of yellow and white metals and moody stones like dark green and a tan coke, with something light and bright blue to keep it fresh. Why? Because I have 4 kids and my fingers no longer look or feel pretty, but are a testament to the love I have for them and the beauty of my life.

  35. Elizabeth Leach says:

    I looked at all the rings on the website and decided that the ring you chose, the Roxanne, was my very favorite. You have excellent taste! That is the most beautiful ring! 🙂

  36. jessica w says:

    My favorite is the PLAIN LOVER’S KNOT RING

  37. kristin says:

    Love the rose gold options, especially the blue topaz studs!

  38. Abbie says:

    I actually LOVE the combination you chose on the Roxanne. Those are the colors we used for our wedding because they’re mine and my hubby’s favorite…

    So, I would totally go with the Roxanne.

  39. Abbie says:

    Sorry if this is a repost comment, but it didn’t look like my original posted.

    I actually LOVE the Roxanne and colors you chose. They’re mine and my hubby’s favorite colors. And, I love the shape of the Roxanne.

  40. Karen Leonard says:

    I am currently awaiting the arrival of my own Roxanne ring. I was so excited to see your photos of the one you created. It is just beautiful. I love the color combination. If I could be so lucky , the Enrapture Ring is the ring I would love in white gold and green tourmaline or smokey Quartz. It is so simple and beautifully timeless.

  41. Karen says:

    This might be a repeat post. Sorry if it is. I am currently waiting for my very own Roxanne ring. So excited to get it. I love the Gemvara site so much. I was a bit unsure what the ring would look like in person so, finding your blog with your gorgeous photos was great. Your choices of color were awesome. It is truly a beautiful ring. After playing on the site some more, the Enrapture ring would be my favorite new choice. It would be beautiful in white gold in with a green tourmaline stone, an iolite stone or a somkey Quartz stone. It’s so hard to choose just one favorite.

  42. Jessica Williams says:

    I’d love a simple band for my right hand! It was fun browsing the Gemvara website. Thanks for introducing it to me!

  43. Karen says:

    Hi, for some reason, my comments are not posting. Well, maybe third times a charm! Love love love the ring you customized. It is timeless and stunning. I too love the Roxanne ring. I also love the Enrapture ring in white gold and green tourmaline or smokey quartz.

  44. Lydia says:

    Pretty pretty. I’ve wanted a charm bracelet for a long time – but have never bought one. The medium link gold one is really beautiful.

  45. Samantha says:

    I love this band! It’s so simple but elegant. Getting to swap out stones and create your own pieces is super fun and makes the jewelry even more special.

  46. Elaine says:

    Wow, your Roxanne ring is such a special piece with the boys’ birthstones. I think I’d choose the same piece!

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