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Hotel Nomade Tulum

  1. Nomad50 says:

    Looking forward to seeing your pics tomorrow – I just got back from Akumal last night. Our accommodations were not as rustic as yours but were also zenlike. We stayed in a condo at Tao Inspired Living. I think they did a great job of building a modern building without ruining the beauty of the land. I woke up to 12 degrees temps this morning and am ready to go back to Akumal.

  2. Yasemin says:


    I love that someone finally published a review on the Nomade Tulum Hotel. You cannot even find the hotel on Google Maps. Would it be possible for you to explain a bit the location as the website say they are next to Be Tulum but I am not sure what “next to” really means ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, would you recommend the Sea View Cabana or Sea Front Cabana? On Instagram it looked like there is always some music going on – which I like – but it is always nice to know that you can just relax and it is a quiet beach. What is your experience with that? So many questions!

    Thank you!

    • effortless says:

      There is a long strip of town that has restaurants, shops and hotels. You will keep driving for a bit and the hotels start getting further apart from each other. Then you will finally see Be Tulum and across the street YAAN SPA. Right next door to Be Tulum is Nomade. I believe they are owned by the same people. I think the Sea Views would be a bit more private. The sea front cabanas are closer to the beach, but then they are also more in the main part of the resort and people will be walking by at all times. The music wasn’t an issue. If they have any music going on it’s normally from 1 to dusk so it won’t interfere with sleeping. I would recommend getting a rental car so you can drive yourself to cenotes, into Tulum Centro and just into the little town by the hotel, because you are about a mile away from one section of it and then 3 miles away from the other section of it.

      I really enjoyed the hotel, but it was an adjustment for me to not have a TV in the bedroom. I like having it on to help me fall asleep or while I’m getting ready. Also the further away you are from the lobby the worse the wifi will be. I was trying to work from their and I would always have to go into the lobby.

  3. Elodie C. says:

    Hi ! Love your article about the hotel. True and well written. I Just would like to know if the hotel proposes excursions ?

    Thank you !


    • effortless says:

      I’m sure the front desk did that, but we like to do our own thing so, we had a rental car and we just explored Tulum on our own.

    • effortless says:

      I like to plan things on my own, so I’m not sure. They were helpful when letting us know what cenotes to go to. It was beautiful, off the beaten path and very quiet. Not a lot of tourists.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi, I’m heading there in Jan for our honeymoon and we have booked an ocean front suite. I’ve made the mistake of looking at all of the reviews online and there are some that are quite negative… talking about the staff being unfriendly, and availability of beach beds and towels. How did you find these? Being our honeymoon I want it to be seamless and couldn’t think of anything worse than being mistreated on such a romantic trip. Also was there a lot of seaweed? (A lot of photos showing it) Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • effortless says:

      Hi Michelle, Congrats on your wedding. Ok, I loved Tulum and I was really excited about the hotel from the website. When I arrived there was a little bit of a mix up. They thought we were part of a group that was on a retreat so they directed us to the tent area and I almost had a heart attack. I’m a 5 star hotel type of girl so, while the tents looked chic the idea of being in one with a communal outdoor bathroom area panicked me. Luckily they realized the mix up and brought us to the front desk. Staff was accommodating and apologized for mix up and took us to our room. I wasn’t happy with it. Again I’m a bit of a hotel snob. It was really dark and there was no wi-fi. So, they moved us and we got a bigger room out of it. I wasn’t ocean front, but at least it was bigger, more windows, so a bit brighter. Rooms are super dark. Bathroom is beyond dark. It’s just part of the vibe so, you need to get on board with it. I didn’t find staff rude, but since the place is so hippy/zen/granola whatever you want to call it when I was stressed about move and requested a change they totally did it with no issue, but they weren’t overly concerned about what I was concerned about. I’m sure I came off as a nutty American, but that’s okay. I never had an issue with beach chairs/towels. Most of the time it was like we had the hotel to ourselves. I only ate breakfast at the hotel, but it was delicious and I looked forward to it every morning. I never took any yoga classes so not sure about that. If you are looking for a place that will welcome you with a honeymoon cocktail and put rose petals on your bed and oh and aw over you being newlyweds then this isn’t the place for you. They are not traditional like that. It’s very mind, body, spirit with a very relaxed vibe. I’m not like that at all so it was a bit of shock for me, but for me it was just a vacation and I knew what I was getting into from the website so I just went with the flow. Hope that helps.

      • Michelle says:

        Great thanks for your help. We’re hotel snobs too but I think it helps to know this about the property in advance so we know what to expect.
        We’re staying 4 nights and then 4 in a resort in Cancun so I’m guessing we’ll get our ‘flower petals and ooh ahhhs there haha.
        Thanks again.

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