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For a while now I have recommended Carrington Court Direct to many e-decorating clients, but I have never used them with my local clients. With one of my latest projects I was finally able to check them out and I had to share the results!

They offer a good variety of chairs that can be customized in finish and fabric. Here are some of their products:

Don’t get swayed by their fabric choices simply look at the lines of the chair. They offer a variety of Parson chairs, dining chairs, accent chairs, bar stools and benches. Once you pick out the style you want they have ¬†over 200 fabrics you can choose from. You can also order the fabric by the yard if you want some for window treatments or pillows.

I love that they offer COM (Customer’s Own Materials). I recently used them for a manly office chair that I needed in a somewhat girly fabric. It’s all about compromises with your spouse, right? For this client the home office space was in the living room. The wife didn’t want to sacrific style, but the husband (who would actually be using the desk area) wanted something big and comfortable.

We settled on this chair:

We customized the finish and fabric choice and a couple of days ago this arrived at my house:

I was very impressed with the quality of the piece.

Check out the corners:

The seams:

It’s backside:

One final close up:

It came out lovely and fit into our budget! Win, win. I did all of the ordering over the phone. They told me how many yards were needed and the address where the fabric needed to be sent. The chair got made in 2 weeks! They give you a time range of 3-5 weeks for delivery of products. The only downside is that we had a little bit of a delay with the delivery. I was told that the chair was on a truck and that a truck left for NY every week. Turns out it wasn’t every week and my chair was here 2 weeks later than I thought. The company was very sweet this entire time and even though my chair was a bit delayed I would still use them again.

Doesn’t the chair look lovely with my pink walls? I’m a bit sad about having to drop it off at my clients apt tomorrow.

PS: Thank you for the amazing response to my pink walls. I love them so. I was sick in bed yesterday with a horrible cold so it was so sweet to see all of the comments this morning.

xo, Camila


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16 Responses to Carrington Court Direct

  1. Kristy Swain says:

    That chair looks awesome. Love the fabric you chose. Great to know about this company. It looks so well done.

  2. debi says:

    Love your style, love that you have started your own business. Great chair. And, a few days behind, but love the pink on the walls. Question? What program do you use for your online mood boards?

  3. Julie says:

    This is absolutely lovely! I adore the fabric you chose. Maybe you need to order a second one so that it can still live in your pretty new pink living room?!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this post! My mom has great furniture in need of some serious makeovers and its so hard to find the right fabric and to know how much to actually get! Yours turned out great, inspired to to start on my mom’s stuff for her! Have a good one~xo

  5. Your chair is fantastic. Such gorgeous fabric!

  6. Oh my! When I saw the chair in the plain white, my initial thought was ‘blah, that’s too stately & boring for me.’ But when I saw the picture of it covered in that wonderful pattern, I fell in love. Great choice!

  7. Katie says:

    Wow! What a great resource. And what a gorgeous chair! I am definitely going to use them in the future.

  8. southbel says:

    Love, love, love that chair! That fabric is beautiful. The colors are devine. I was actually looking at some similar looking fabric for curtains in my living room. Definitely bookmarking this post!

  9. Shanna says:

    I used Carrington Court last year for dining chairs. When they arrived one had a very fine dark line woven into the ivory fabric. Tricia, of customer service, apologized and the fabric was quickly replaced. I was very happy to be able to get quality affordable chairs made in the USA.

  10. Iris says:

    This chair is absolutely gorgeous. Love it!!!

  11. pve says:

    Oh what a stunning chair and it is the details and the execution that make it so.
    Sorry to hear you were not feeling well along with having to deliver that chair.
    It looks so perfect in your room.

  12. Nikki L says:

    HI! What a treat to see this post about Carrington Court! I lived in Hickory for several years and was blessed to have become from with Tricia… I spent a lot of at their warehouse and can attest to the fact that Tricia, her dad, and the other folks that work there are very good people and very good at their business! It’s not often you come across made in America, quality craftsmanship and honest owners… (ps – they made 4 parsons chairs for me back in 2002 and they still look great – not the fabric due to my twins – but the chairs are definitely keepers :)

  13. Brad Haas says:

    I realize that I come late to this blog post, but I found it in a round about way through Pinterest. I just wanted to thank Camila and all the commenters that said such wonderful things about Carrington Court. I’m the president of the company and I always love feedback (both positive and negative). We strive to create great furniture and do our best to ensure everyone is satisfied.

    Thanks again and if any of you have questions, comments or criticism just let me know.

    Brad Haas
    Carrington Court Direct

  14. Jeff Hollingsworth says:

    Watch out for Carrington Court Direct! I am 10+ weeks into a 2-4 week order and still missing one of two chairs I ordered from them. Customer service has been constant series of excuses and “we will get back to you”. Avoid the hassle and keep looking for another company!

    • effortless says:

      Oh that stinks. So sorry you have had issues. I’ve actually used them for clients in the past and never had any problems. Hope you get your chairs soon.

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