This weeks featured ladies is one of my favorite bloggers, Kirsten from 6th Street Design School. We were both lucky enough to attend Nate Day and I was super bummed that I didn’t get to met her in person that day! Don’t fret though we are both heading to High Point next week so we can finally meet in person. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into her daily life and I hope you enjoy it as well. Kirsten is talented, loves color & pattern, enjoys a good bargain and does everything with a smile on her face.




First of all I want to preface this day by saying that seriously every day is different for me. Some days are spent out and about and other days are spent at home working on blogging and projects via the internet. No day is the same and try as I may I’ve never been able to nail down a good schedule. I do the best I can with each day to make it productive and balance time between clients and my son.

7:00 Wake up! My son Jett wakes up every morning at 7. Without fail. I get him up, get him fed and them sit him down in front of his favorite cartoon while I get ready for the day. From 7-11 we are getting ready for the day, cleaning up the house, reading blogs and responding to emails. At 12 Jett is dropped off at my neighbors house and my intern arrives. Time to get to work!

12:00 We hop in the car and drive off to a client appointment. Our appointment is at 1. We get there a little early so we decide to drop into Down East and see what they have available right now.

My intern Lauren is the best shopping partner. Down East has some fantastic stuff.

I stop for a minute to drool over this faux bamboo dresser. I dream of it in my bedroom. But the price tag is steep and we have to make it over to our appointment! No time to gawk.

1:00We arrive at my cute client’s house. She is always easy to work with. Today we are going over rug options for her living room. I’ve done up a mock-up of the rug options on her floor plan. This way we are able to see exactly how the rugs will look.

I’ve also got a great selection of fabrics to show her.

We finalize furniture and rug selections and talk about possible fabric choices.

2:00 The appointment ends and now Lauren and I are off to Home Goods to look for lamps for a client. We find a great selection of art and lamps for our client. Success!

3:00 We head back. I get home in time to see a package on my front door. It’s the fabric I’ve chosen for my bedroom settee. Fabric is my very favorite thing to get in the mail and I’m SO excited! It looks great.

4:00 Time to take Jett to get his haircut. He is in desperate need of a cut.

First I drop off some fabric at my seamstress for a client. We are going to be making pillows. The fabric is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the finished product. After I’ve dropped off the fabric I run over to get Jett’s hair cut.

There were a few tears but for the most part it was a success!

5:00 Dinner time. We have a great meal as a family and talk about our day. After dinner I return emails and work on client projects.

My favorite thing to do is just sit at my desk in my office and get work done.

7:00 Bachelor Finale!!! I go over to my friend’s house to watch it. We had a great time and it was so nice to relax and hang out with friends after a busy day!


What a fun day! She really is great at striking a good balance between family & work. I love how she fits so much into her days. Sometimes I feel like I never step away from the computer. Kirsten totally inspired me to mix up my routine a bit and start the search for a local intern!


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  1. Danielle says:

    She is so great and it was very fun to see a day in her shoes!

  2. sherry hart says:

    I love Kirsten’s blog! She has great taste and does a fantastic job of mixing fabrics together.

  3. I love her blog as well. I also love the fact that she gets excited over fabric, I LOVE fabric and to get it in the mail, well, its like Christmas!

  4. Aubrey says:

    Kirsten, you really are a wonder woman! I’m with you Camilla, sometimes, I feel like I never step away from the computer! It’ s always fun to see what people’s days are really like…unless it’s mine…then it would just be a day in the looney bin! (c: Happy Friday!

  5. Kirsten does have fantastic design skills!! I am loving your site as well…I am just a newby in the blog world and trying to make my mark in it. I am an aspiring interior designer that has such a passion for it and would love to be an intern, but I dont think you are located in southern Cali…bummer :). Sorry this is long…to cut it short LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  6. quintessence says:

    Love her effective use of time inside and out of her home. Sometimes it’s difficult to tear myself aware from the computer – it’s just se easy to fall down the rabbit hole!!

  7. Kristy Swain says:

    How fun. It’s always cool to get a peek into someone’s day. Thanks for sharing, Kirsten.

  8. I am going after that intern RIGHT NOW. what an awesome idea.

  9. carmel says:

    I love Kirsten’s blog! If I lived closer – I’d be your intern ;)

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