Weekend Recap: $Free.99

Hi Loves,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I was under the weather last week and this weekend I was still fighting a case of sniffles, but I was able to make it out and shop for some finishing touches for our living room.

On my list was a new rug and a console/entry way piece.

We went out east and hit some thrift stores and the outlets and we didn’t find a thing.  Totally a bummer, because I just had a feeling that this was the weekend that everything was going to come together.

Enter Sunday night around 7pm and we are on our way home in the pouring rain and bam! Jon and I spot a really pretty console piece on…….the curb of course. It was actually in front of a house where we’ve already repurposed something they had curb side.

We pulled over and then we Jon did the dirty work and got it in the car. Because it was dark and rainy we really didn’t have a chance to inspect it last night, but this morning I checked it out and I’m in love!

It’s perfect! Love the Asian touches in the hardware:

& in the foot detail:

The top piece also slides to the sides to provide more counter space:

The only downside is that the top is a bit scuffed up:

But for $ Free.99 (Jon has nick named all of our free finds $Free.99 sounds fancy, right? ) you can’t be picky.

Did you have any luck with curbside treasures this weekend? Any suggestions for giving this piece a little TLC?

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33 Responses to Weekend Recap: $Free.99

  1. SO much potential! I love the top….very cool!

  2. Awesome, it would make a great bar! I love curb-finds.

  3. Erica says:

    What a totally amazing find! Can’t wait to see where you put it.

  4. THATS’S AWESOME!! and for free too!! You lucky girl!

  5. I dream of the day I will find something like that on the road side! I did score a craigslist coffee table without getting killed or kidnapped so I was psyched about that!

  6. modern jane says:

    My dad refinishes antique furniture and swears by Restore.. you could try that!

  7. carmel says:

    I’ve never found anything that great on the curb! Why on Earth would anyone actually throw think that’s trash!!!

  8. Wow you are one lucky lady… maybe driving by that house every week around garbage pickup time is a must for you guys from now one? ;)

  9. Katrina says:

    Wow what a great FREE piece – can’t believe it was left curbside! lol — All the free curb side items left in our neighborhood are scary crap! lol

  10. Kate Collins says:

    Fantastic find yet again. Love that you found it at the last minute on your drive home. Nothing like a treasure after a long day of hunting. It’s so beautiful.

  11. You obviously have a much better neighborhood to score deals in than I do! That is a gorgeous piece. I agree that it would make a fantastic, elegant bar!

  12. I can’t believe people throw an entirely good piece of furniture to the trash like that – you’d think they’d at least donate it. Oh well, MA-JOR snag for you!

  13. laxsupermom says:

    Wow! What a great find, and you can’t beat free! I think a little Restore-a-Finish would take care of the top. Love the hardware! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Sheila says:

    I cannot believe someone else uses the term Free.99! That’s what my husband says. I always thought it sounded goofy. Then I caught myself saying it. Now it’s a fav phrase. Can’t wait to see what you do to your Free.99 piece!


  15. southbel says:

    I recently scored a free leather desk chair and was so excited. Must say that your piece is in MUCH better shape and quite the find! I’ll be interested to see if you try the Retore-a-Finish because I’ve been looking at the same thing for the wood on my chair.

  16. kelley says:

    holy lucky you! would fit perfect in my dining room! love, love. never found anything curbside. sad for me.

  17. Julie says:

    Who throws out a beauty like that and why can’t people in my neighborhood do the same? Great find!
    ~ Julie

  18. I can’t believe somone threw that out!! Geez. Wish I found something that good!! Can’t wait to see how you rehab it.

  19. That is the best curbside find yet for sure! And I thought my Thomasville bamboo cabinet was a lucky find…

  20. way way says:

    Wow! A great find!!! I can’t wait to see it after a little TLC!

  21. Marina says:

    I’ve had the best of luck with Restor-A-Finish, and HIGHLY recommend it. Use it with 0000 steel wool, and you won’t believe your eyes. It’ll be like new. I JUST restored the 90 (or so) years old dining set, and it looks GH-ORGEOUS after a little bit of R-A-F! Tip: buy a slightly darker color than your piece (I’d go for dark walnut).

  22. I haven’t yet started the whole thrifting/making something old new yet I love to see pics of what people do to transform old furniture. It has good bones so looking fwd to seeing what you do with it.

  23. Heidi M says:

    Lucky!! I never seem to find those curbside gems… this one’s a beauty. Have fun with it!

  24. Scientific Housewife says:

    That is an awesome piece!

  25. Moni says:

    What a beautiful find! We’re always afraid to pick up stuff off of the curb because of the possibility of bedbugs. We live in a high bedbug area. Do you take any precautions when you snag a curb find? If so, what do you do?

  26. You have GOT to check out my latest curbside find!! Its FABULOUS! Well, it is now with a little TLC. Hope you like!


  27. J&J says:

    Amazing find! Lucky girl. I’ve found a few chairs, but that’s about it.

  28. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic with it, Camila.

  29. Sarah says:

    Gotta love a curbside gem. This is a beautiful piece. I cannot wait to see what you do with her.

  30. Anne says:

    I second Marina’s comment above. I have had amazing and quick results with Restore-A-Finish.

  31. Wow. What a great find. There are loads of products that might help with the scratches without a complete refinish, unless of course you were going to paint it…. Shiny black or red goes well with the Asian details. But you could do anything with that jewel.

  32. How in the world did you end up with all the curbside luck? What an amazing find!

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