Trend: Feminine Touches

Another trend that I enjoyed seeing at market was a move towards the feminine side of design. While there was an amount of dark muted colors and the industrial chic look that tends to lean towards the more masculine side of design at this show it was in the minority.

I also so happy to see a cheerful array of color( orange & pink were everywhere), pattern play, flower power, attention to detail and overall spaces that I could call home in a heartbeat.

The one showroom that showed off a girly sense of design was Lily Pulitzer by HFI Brands.

Take a peek:

How sweet is this elephant that met us at the door:

Chevron is still huge and I’m still in love with it!

Another trend I was fabric covered cubes everywhere! They were mainly used as coffee tables:

I’ve been eying this pink lacquered coffee table for a while now and seeing it person made me want it even more. So pretty!

You can get a similar look by picking up this
coffee table and painting it any shade of pink that tickles you.

I knew this painting looked familiar:

It looks like they have Krista Etwart’s vintage find painted for their showroom:

{Image viaHouse Beautiful}

Massive bulletin boards:

Loved this gallery wall with Lily Pultizer pics:

Tiny details:

{Love the knife edge cushion in orange with button detailing.}

Pink & Navy was everywhere:

{I love contrasting piping. I tend to do it often on pillows.}

{How amazing is that pink chair?! That style of chair was all the rage at market. (Don’t you love how I know it’s technical name. :) I will do some research and get that info for all.}

Check out the framed fabrics! They are part of Lily’s new line at Lee Jofa:

Yellow is my new fabric color so I had to showcase a little bit of it:

I love a dose of preppy so I must say this was one of my favorite stops during market. It was a really colorful and happy place. The rooms were all styled to perfection and surprisingly the prices weren’t too crazy. They aren’t budget friendly, but they are not million dollar decorators so I’m looking forward to using some pieces with new clients.


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22 Responses to Trend: Feminine Touches

  1. I have always loved Lilly Pulitzer and I wouldn’t go for a whole look but some details here and there have my heart racing!

  2. I love it all! I seriously can’t decide what is my favorite, I can’t wait to diy something!

  3. alamodemaven says:

    What is it about lilly that is so timeless and makes me LOVE being a girl!!! It is all so crisp and happy! I LOVE the navy and pink chair……drool. xoxo Shelli

  4. Did you see the shoe ottoman in person? I snagged a few pictures from the web and put them on Pinterest, but I’m so curious about how it looks in person.

  5. reyanna says:


    I’m not a big fan of Lily Pulitzer (clothing). We have one in our mall, but I’ve never been in the store… way too much pink for me. ;-)

    *However*… this LP Home showroom looks amazing! I would have loved to look through there! How fun! Thank you so much for bringing along your camera, so you could share with us! :-D And perhaps next time I’m at the mall, I’ll venture in to Lily Pulitzer. ;-)

  6. Ms. Bright says:

    Leave it to Lilly!!!

    I would’ve seriously tried to find a place to hide so I could live in there for a few days. Just to pretend.

    I bet y’all were design drunk! That’s how I get when I go!! It’s like WAY overwhelmed with all of the awesome possibilities!!


  7. That place looks heavenly, loooove all of the bright upholstery!

  8. Karena says:

    So many really great pices especially the painted laquer ones, and then the detailed fabrics, love, love!

    Art by Karena

  9. Sweet Nothings-Danielle says:

    obsessed with it ALL! and glad to hear its not cray cray price wise.

    and um, i need that pink and navy greek key chair. more than ive ever needed anything ever

  10. Ashley says:

    I agree with another commenter that I probably wouldn’t wear Lilly Pulitzer clothing, the home line is fabulous. Can’t wait for it’s big release!

  11. Love it all- adore feminine style and these spriny colours are just delicious. That blue chevron sofa is insane and I love the LP gallery wall as well…oh and that floral fabric- so so pretty.

    • effortless says:

      I know I was dying for it. Had to wait around to take a picture forever, busy some ladies decided to take a long market break on it!

  12. Kim says:

    Wow! I love this stuff. The bright colors and bold pattern are just my style! However I dont think my husband would EVER go for this…

    • effortless says:

      I know. I love all of it. Jon would dislike a lot it. I just add it to my home in small doses and hope he doesn’t realize it. :) Normally once everything is all together he loves it anyway.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I need that chair with the contrast piping!

  14. kelley says:

    love that “style” of chair. I’m going to call it chinese wingback. would look amazing in my dining room! Thanks for sharing all your photos.

  15. Oooh, love this! All of the your snaps of this place are fabulous. I could hang out there, most definitely!

  16. I could basically just forward this whole post to my client for whom I’m doing “a preppy nursery à la Lily Pulitzer!” I have been collecting piles of pictures and swatches. Should have know to just stop by Effortless Style:)) BTW, I’m here tonight searching for some pics which I think I lifted from you and now need to credit!! They were used in my most recent mood board for another client, which I’m going to post. So, Double Thanks.

  17. Oh wow, I love this look. Like most people have said, I’m not sure I could emulate it entirely (and my husband certainly wouldn’t be keen!), but I am trying to incorporate some of this fresh, colourful vibe into our home. Lilly Pulitzer certainly knows how to use colour and your pictures are a lesson in themselves on using a range of hues to great effect.

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