Style Plans: Outdoor Living

I’ve been really busy lately working with virtual clients and helping them with Style Plans (my form of e-decorating). This latest project was a favorite of mine, because my clients inspiration piece was something I also owned!

I was lucky enough to get this sweet elephant pot from Anthropologie (it’s no longer available online) as a birthday gift (Thanks Maura!) so it was very easy for me to envision a whole outdoor living area around it!

Here is the style plan for a joint seating and dining area:

As a courtesy to my clients I can’t disclose where everything is from, but I will share my sources on my favorite pieces.

I think that Director’s Chairs are a great solution for outdoor living. I don’t know about you, but storage is something I’m always searching for in my home. We are busting at the seams and the thought of having to store 6-8 full size outdoor living chairs is not something I want to do. With directors chairs you can just fold them up and slide them into a nook in your garage. Another perk is price. This chair frame is only $24.95 and the fun cabana striped cover is only $6.99! Love this idea!

Another favorite source from this plan is the outdoor living rug.Home Infatuation is full of a variety of choices and they are super budget friendly.

If you need any help decorating indoors or outdoors you can email me at for more information.


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8 Responses to Style Plans: Outdoor Living

  1. Love the outdoor room… love those colors :)

  2. autumn says:

    wow! what a bight and happy outdoor space that will be. bring on the lemonade and popscicles!

  3. Hi there, I’m new here and so excited by the colour and your concept for your buisness. I love elephants so I’m doubly happy, for inspiration check out my post with Sabine Roemer in my sidebar and jewellery designer who painted and decorated a elephant for Harrods with green paint and emeralds. Also could I ask a little favour just encase you can pop round to tonight I have just writen my first ever review on Nature Shop would you mind leaving a comment on what you think of the items in the review? Back soon! Sharon xx

  4. Drew says:

    I saw that elephant at anthropologie over the weekend and wanted so badly to take it home with me!!

  5. carmel says:

    I love the elephant! Director’s chairs are a great choice – I need to pick some up for my patio!

  6. Gorgeous color combinations and I love that little elephant! :)

  7. Whitney says:

    LOVE that aqua bench!

  8. Amazing fit in the color selection!

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