Guest Posting at Simplified Bee

Hi Loves,

Forgot to mention that I was asked to guest post on Cristin’s What would you do series?

For this round up we were asked to design a room around this inlay table:

Head on over and check out what I did with it.

P.S. Having massive technical issues with wordpress since yesterday. For some reason wordpress will no longer let me upload images larger than 300 x 300. I keep getting an http image error message that pops up. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this or can you recommend a coder/programmer that works with wordpress. Totally stressed.


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5 Responses to Guest Posting at Simplified Bee

  1. Chelsea says:

    I am excited about the needlepoint and am headed over to the guest post now! xo

  2. hannah says:

    me to– whats with this error- i am googling it and nothing is really coming up
    annoying as it worked a few mins ago but now its odd..

    no ideas

  3. Thanks again Camilla! Loved your bohemian bedroom design. xo, c

  4. diane says:

    I have this problem often. If your web guy cant fix it then I simply switch to the html button next to the visual button at the top of the posting page, scroll down to the image size and resize it that way. Then click back on visual and your new image size should show. good luck!!!

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