Baby Talk: Custom Artwork

I adore etsy. It’s so wonderful to be able to purchase custom and handmade items at the click of a button.

I love using etsy for finding unique pieces of artwork and my latest project for my littlest client has me searching high and low for the perfect pieces.

Recently I contacted Oana of A little art shop by Oana. I saw her beautiful artwork featured on my client Bee’s new blog and knew that she was just the person to help me on my quest for artwork.

A while back I fell in love with the illustration on these journals:

The elephants had me at hello and I knew something similar would be the perfect fit in our nursery. So after discussing things with Oana we came up with a game plan for a custom piece.

Here was the original mock-up:

Lovely, right? Excuse the blue square, but the piece has his name on it and it’s a surprise! I loved everything about it, but since I planned on enlarging the piece and framing it above the crib I thought we needed a bit more height so I asked Oana to add another animal. Jon loves monkey’s so that was the latest addition.

Take 2:

Ah perfection. Elephants with their trunks up for good luck, peacocks above them in honor of Jon’s last name, Pavone, which means peacock in Italian and then Jon’s favorite animal, monkeys! With the elephants in the room and the addition of stripes in the design plan we have a slight circus like theme with the room so Oana added a circus tent and balloons.

Now I just need to figure out what color I want the piece in and if I want a colored background and white illustration or white background and colored illustration. What would you do?

It looks like Oana is currently on vacation if you are interested in a custom watercolor/illustration you can email her at

Any guesses on what we are naming baby boy? We have had it finalized for months now and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

P.S. Here at Effortless-Style we have our own artshop set up on etsy as well. We have been doing really well with it and even have a piece going up in a hotel! So cool. If you want to check it out click here.

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7 Responses to Baby Talk: Custom Artwork

  1. Shut up, those are my 3 favorite animals !! I love the colored background with white illustrations.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    So stinkin’ cute! I personally like the colored illustrationa and white background, and do a fun frame color…but again, that’s just me!
    As for a baby name, no idea, but i’m sure it’s going to wonderful!

  3. Barbara says:

    This is sooo adorable! Will be a great addition to the stuff I have already seen you post! Cant wait to find out what you’re calling him!

  4. margaret says:

    I love the design. I can’t remember what color the walls are in the nursery, but I think it looks nice to have contrast; if the walls are a color, then a white background on the print will make it stand out.
    I’m guessing Anthony.

  5. LindsB says:

    So cute, LOVE this for his room!

    ugg, such a tease with the name!! I’m dying here, DY-ING!

  6. Very great! I love the (slight) circus theme. It’ll be so fun for a little boy’s room!

  7. Henry Stuart says:

    I love these! I love custom artwork in general, I’ve tried for my son’s photo to be converted into art. It was printed on canvas and looks pretty cool. They also sent me digital files so I can print it on my own for Christmas cards. There are other sites I’d like to try, maybe next year!

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