It’s a wonderland

For the past couple of weeks my facebook wall has been filled with posts from a new store called C.Wonder. It’s flagship store just opened in NYC and I’ve been itching to make a trip in to check it out.

Take a peek and see why it’s a wonderland:

{Kelly Green striped walls!}

{Cushy bench where you can rest after you shop til you drop. Plus amazing geometric floors.}

{Lacquered pop of color walls with gold accents.}

{Dark blue grasscloth walls, kelly green & gold ottomans along with more geometric floors. Ah be still my heart.}

{Love the accent color on the wall trim. So chic!}

{Bold wallpaper, key lime green trim and more lacquered furniture.}

{Chic shelving unit.}

All images are via Style Beat since I have yet to see it in person. For more images click here!

The best part is that they are opening an additional store about 5 mins from my house! I can’t wait. Until then I’m going to contact them and beg for information on their store display. I love all of it!

If the store display looks a bit familiar it may be due to the fact that mastermind behind C.Wonder is Chris Burch aka Tory Burch’s ex hubby.Wonder if she minds the similarities?

Have you had the pleasure of shopping at C.Wonder?


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13 Responses to It’s a wonderland

  1. I’m going in January … CANNOT WAIT!

  2. Laurie says:

    I am stalking C Wonder. I so want to go – can’t wait for them to be online.

  3. alison@MLHP says:

    Yes. Dying for the online version, since a trip to NYC won’t be coming anytime soon :(

  4. Sara says:

    I’ve been swooning over C Wonder and wishing they had a store in Chicago!

  5. Chic Coles says:

    I cannot wait to go to C Wonder when i’m in NYC this winter! I think I will be doing all of my Christmas shopping there!

  6. Sweet Nothings says:

    I believe hes an investor in her brand, so it makes sense that aesthetically they are on the same page.
    online in time for christmas…yayy

  7. courtney says:

    I’ll throw pics your way next time I’m working in that area!

  8. Stephanie says:

    It totally looks like you designed it. love it! also, can’t wait to see that little guy’s nursery. That image you recently posted is one of my faves!

  9. Kristy Swain says:

    So awesome. Love the colors and patterns!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I went in last week… the design of the store is beautiful. But the wares– ehhhhhh. The quality on a lot of it is not great. I’ll probably pop in for hostess gifts, etc, but no major purchases.

  11. erin says:

    I seriously want to visit this store not only for the product but, look at this place. It’s probably a good thing I live so far. If I lived there I’d probably enjoy my lunch break there EVERy day.

  12. Yes, I’m dying to know when Roosevelt Field is going to open. A friend went to the Soho store the day it opened and there were all sorts of freebies and events so I’m hoping to get there the day the open. Unless it’s Black Friday, because I’d rather be water boarded than be at RF on that day!

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