Movie Posters en Francais

I’ve had this image saved on my desktop for the last couple of weeks now.

{Photo taken by Tobi Fairley at High Point Market}

Not only did I adore the kelly green campaign dresser and the color combo of green and blue, but the one item that had me hitting google was the movie poster. One of my favorite parts of going to High Point last year was seeing how all of the showrooms were styled. They all gave me so many ideas on unique artwork and stylish coffee table books, etc.

Now I know that using movie posters as artwork is not new, but I love that instead of going with a traditional English print they used a french version. For some reason the French versions of old movie posters are really brightly colored and I’m hooked.

Here are some of my favorite old movies:

1.Two for the Road

2.Pillow Talk

3. The Apartment *Same poster featured in my inspiration shot.

4. The Seven Year Itch

My dad instilled in me a great love for vintage movies and I could seriously go on and on finding posters that feature some of my old time favorites.

What’s an old favorite film of yours? Have you checked out it’s French movie poster yet?

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6 Responses to Movie Posters en Francais

  1. Karena says:

    I adore the Hitchcock Film Posters, so intriguing!!

    We are on our 5th day of Holiday Giveaways with 4 events being open! Vicki from French Essence has offered her duo of books to 2 winners!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love this idea! The Pillow Talk poster is great!

  3. Lauren Clark says:

    Great poster finds – love the classic Marilyn with the yellow dress! I am also in love with that kelly green dresser – I think I need that in my house!!!

  4. Cat says:

    I saw this website last february as my niece is half cuban and i thought they would be a fun addition to her first apartment. I too loved the colors and modern fun 60’s styles as well. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Katrina says:

    loving the ideas of a french movie poster vs. the american one, so chic!

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