Weekend Recap: Let it Snow

This winter has been pretty tame in NY, but this past weekend we got a lovely covering of snow on the ground. I for one was really excited to wake up Saturday morning and see a blanket of white outside. It was just enough snow to stick, but not enough to make it hard to get around.

We had some client work to do on Saturday, but Sunday was purely a family day were we got to relax and enjoy each other.

Of course I need to share some Hudson pictures.

We had to show off his new elephant outfit:

{Sometimes Hudson can be a bit serious, but we are on the verge of our first smile.}

Here is a little peek of his almost smile:

{I can’t handle the cuteness. We seriously spent most of the weekend just staring at him. :)}

I also managed to get our bedroom a bit organized and got enjoy a new furniture piece that we finished revamping a little bit before Hudson was born.

{We actually purchased two of these chests at our local thrift store. One is in our room with Hudson’s clothes since he is currently sleeping in our room and the matching chest is in his nursery.}

What were you up to this weekend?

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5 Responses to Weekend Recap: Let it Snow

  1. claire rose says:

    I’m your newest follower from Layla’s party-stop by for a visit! Hudson is adorable by the way-have fun with him!

  2. Meeghan says:

    Hi!! Congrats on your beautiful baby! I am a huge fan of your talent and work!
    I’m in live w that lil chevron bowl (?) may I ask where it’s from?
    Have a Happy Monday!

  3. love the chest and the little nail polish dish! I can’t wait to see Hudsons rooooom :)

  4. Tara says:

    Love your campaign makeover! Have you already done a write up about it? Did I miss it? Anyway, your handles are exactly what I’ve been looking for for some nighstands. I know you don’t give out a lot of sources, but since you did that yourself, would you consider?

  5. sarah martin says:

    okay, one more question: what would you call the color of the trunk? love it!

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