Powder & Emerald

Currently obsessed with this color combo:

{Image via Veranda}

That inspired this painting:

{Image via Him & Her Abstract Art}

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8 Responses to Powder & Emerald

  1. Kahli says:

    This is such a great color combo!

  2. KATHYSUE says:

    Me Too! In fact I just bought a darling emerald green chinoiserie pedestal to put towels on in my bathroom. Love it with the soft blue, I have several images of this combo on my pinterest boards . Just beautiful. Kathysue

  3. Margaret says:

    I’ve been very attracted to emerald lately, but am having a hard time finding it, especially in fabrics. The greens all seem very yellow-based. I love it here with the soft blue. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Laurie says:

    Love the combo. Great painting.

  5. Karena says:

    A gorgeous palette pairing the soft blue with a saturated Emerald. Elegant!

    Art by Karena

  6. Such a great colour combo, I love the pillows in particular on the first picture – what a great shot of refined colour into that room!

  7. julie says:

    LOVE IT!!! I am in the process of re-doing my living room in these colors… I am including variations of both of these colors in little accent pieces from a deep gray-green to bright apple green, and then powder blue to deep aqua… my background is a light taupe color (on the walls) instead of white – because I have stained wood trim, I can’t really do all of that white – but I love the way it looks.
    I know it sounds a little crazy but all of these colors go so well together that it really looks like variations of the same color…know what I mean? anyway I love your blog, and thanks for the great eye-candy on this post.
    DID YOU paint that picture????? it is gorgeous… great job!!
    I have to go back and read more thoroughly, I just got excited when I saw the colors and had to comment!! I took a cheap-o dollar store “painting” I had hanging in my living room, that was done in all earth tones, and painted over it with various shades of green and powder blue – it looks fabulous!!! (felt a bit guilty altering someone else’s art, but did it anyway, lol!!) Again, thanks for the inspiration, and your GREAT blog!!!!!

  8. julie says:

    o.k. I promise I am not a stalker – but just went back to re-read, and you DID paint that painting!!!!! AND it is for sale!!! It is gorgeous, and matches my new living room colors exactly – background is almost exactly my taupe (greige) wall color, just a little darker!!!
    So, I AM on the right track, if a great artist/designer such as yourself chose those same colors!!!!! YAY, me!!! need to start saving, I would love to buy that painting…..
    THANKS!!! you guys are AWESOME!!!

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