Treat yo self: Week 6

My parents are in London this week visiting my sister so it was only fitting that this weeks pick is from across the pond.

I have a deep love and affection for ballerina flats. I love how chic and stylish they look and the most important part of them is that they are effortless ( & comfy :) ).

How amazing are these deep navy flats with light pink trim!

Only $65 at The White Ribbon. In thing in the shop is made custom, which means you can get custom colors as well!!!! I would order a pair of chartreuse ones with melon colored trim.

Oh how amazing would it be if all of my Treat yo self items arrived at my doorstep.

Wink, wink Jon.



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3 Responses to Treat yo self: Week 6

  1. Camille says:

    Love the blog. Are the flats comfy? They are really cute.

    • effortless says:

      Hi Camille,

      Not sure if they are comfy or not. I don’t own a pair…yet. The looks really comfy. We shall see. I’ll report back if I actually treat myself. :)

  2. Terese says:

    those are gorgeous! just might have to order a pair for spring. thanks for sharing.

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