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Today’s IN HER SHOES featured lady is the talented Cristi from Charm Home. Cristi is a busy mom and interior designer based out of Atlanta and you can now add TV star to her resume, because she is part of the new show Elbow Room!  Can’t wait to catch her in action.


Hi Effortless Style Readers!

I was so excited when Camila sent me an email to participate in her “In Her Shoes” feature.  I couldn’t wait to chronicle a day for the post.  Today was a super-busy day for many reasons…of course which one isn’t.  So here it goes.  Enjoy!

6:15a:  Accidentally set my alarm clock for the same time as my hubby last night, so he politely nudges me and reminds me that I need to hop in the shower before he gets in [he normally gets in the shower at 6:30 and if I wait to take a shower after he gets one then I will be late].  Today is a really exciting day because I’ll be appearing on the local morning show Better Mornings for the Atlanta local CBS affiliate to talk about the new HGTV show that I am a design coordinator on, Elbow Room.

6:38a:  Grab a Coke from the fridge [I’m a total Coca Cola addict.  I drink it in the mornings like coffee] and start getting ready.

7:15a:  All ready and I hear the sweetest sound ever coming from two doors down.  It’s my little angel letting me know he is ready to wake up.

7:55a: Out the door and heading downtown to CBS Atlanta.  Luckily it’s a holiday week and school is out so traffic won’t be too heavy.

8:28a:  Arrive at the CBS station and head to the green room to wait for the interview to begin.

9:15a:  Head in studio for the interview about Elbow Room.  The show started airing about 3 weeks ago and it’s been quite an exciting ride since then.  That’s me along with the host/designer of the show Chip Wade and we are being interviewed by Jennifer Valdez.

9:30a:  Head to Forsyth Fabrics to take a quick look around for a client and also have a quick meeting in the parking lot with someone to pick up my newly completed window treatments for my dining room.

10:00a:  Quick trip to Ikea.  I have a serious Love-Hate relationship with Ikea.  Love the smell of the irresistible cinnamon buns.  Hate the calories.  There are too many other things to list that I love and hate about it.  I had to buy a few things for Chase’s first birthday party that is this Saturday, and I also have a few things for some client’s that I need to grab.  Ikea trips too often turn into day long trips but this one could be a record…in and out in 20 minutes.

11:00a:  Get back home and change into my real work shoes.  Sorry about the non-manicured toes.  No time for a pedicure these days.

11:15a-4:30p:  A random mix of various tasks which includes hanging the new drapes in my dining room, finishing the spray paint on my buffet and adding the new hardware [a project that was started approximately 4 months ago], setting the buffet for Chase’s party, doing a little yard clean up in preparation for the barnyard themed party, answering a few client emails, lunch [which consisted of leftover green beens and sour patch kids], feeding the little one his lunch [much more healthy I promise], and some other stuff that I can’t remember.

[dining room design in progress]

4:30p: Realizing that I needed a break so I loaded the little one and my mom up in the car to go get one of my favorite treats, Yogli Mogli frozen yogurt.

5:10-6:00p:  Work for a little while on a project for a client while Chase runs around in his walker.

6:00p:  Water the garden.  No time for weeding.  That will have to wait until next week or maybe the next.

6:30-7:25p:  Spend some quality time with the little one before his bedtime.  Give him a bath and cuddle during his last bottle.  My absolute favorite moment of the day.

7:30p-10:30p: Dinner from KFC [thanks to mom] then it’s back to work on Chase’s party and more Photoshop.

10:00p-11:30p:  Hubby gets home from his work event and we spend some time together while we are checking various social media sites.  Then it’s time for bed.  I can’t wait for my head to hit that pillow.

Busy, busy day.  And that’s the life of a full-time mom and full-time interior designer.




A big thanks to Cristi for sharing her day with us! I’m exhausted just reading about it!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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2 Responses to IN HER SHOES: Charm Home

  1. I love Cristi! Thank you so much for featuring her! I love love love how her dining room is coming along.

  2. kayce hughes says:

    I can relate to the crazy days but wish we had an Ikea in our back yard. I am thrilled that you love that yougli place because I am looking into opening up a store right near there.

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