I can’t believe we are almost at 80 featured ladies on IN HER SHOES!The always stylish Sue from the Zhush blog and shop! Sue’s shop is all about adding a little zhush to her home and I must say almost every item in her store is my wish list. Like me Sue started out in the city and then moved to the suburbs. I totally wish we had picked the same suburbs to live in, but at least we are both near Manhattan and currently planning a little get together! Check out a day in her life as mom, wife, blogger, and online shop owner.


It’s 6:00 am, alarm goes off. dread. snooze. dread. up.To say I’m not a morning person is a serious understatement. I willmyself out of bed and start our crazy morning routine.  I-Phone in hand, I’m simultaneously checking my emails and waking all three of my children up for school. As I make coffee and put together three quick breakfasts, (that hopefully they’ll eat) I’m checking emails on my phone.  My inbox is basically a beast that needs constant slaying. All of the store’s orders come in through email. All our shipping confirmations, inventory orders, questions from customers, new item pitches, comments on the blog, collaborations with other bloggers, etc…it’s all through email and I literally get anxious if I start the day without at least a small handle on the inbox situation. (there’s also a whole other account with carpooling, class trips, tennis lessons, homework, soccer games, play dates and everything else that you’d expect a family of five to deal with.)

Mr. Zhush comes down ready for work and joins us for breakfast. After breakfast with the kids, they’re off to school. A quick catch up with my husband and then he’s off to work as well.  I post
on my blog at this time and try to return as many emails as I can within
the next half hour.  It’s 8 am,  and I know that if I don’t
squeeze in some sort of exercise now, I won’t get another chance. I will
myself onto the treadmill for a full hour of walking.  When I really
have my act together, I’ll take a spin class or a barre class, I
rarely have my act together…

Showered. Dressed. Check emails.Check in with many of my favorite blogs. At 10:30 my new assistant, Erica arrives.  My old assistant just left, and Erica has only been with me for a few days, so there’s a lot to go over. We discuss marketing, new orders, inventory and site revisions.  I need to leave for the Kindergarten carnival in less than an hour and I’m struggling to fit in everything at this point. Before I head out, I snap a quick photo of Erica, briefly explain the reason why…no doubt I’m freaking her out, she’s been here less than a week! I’m out the door…

I head over to the Kindergarten carnival. It’s the last week of school before the summer break.  This is basically a week of field days, carnivals and award ceremonies, which makes getting a lot done a bit more complicated.  At the carnival, I man the face paint booth. I love the face paint booth…It’s now almost two, I need to get home to talk to a contractor about our roof and some other boring home related problems. My little guy decides he’s had enough and comes home with me.

Carnival duties behind me, it’s been a full two and a half hours that I’ve checked the inbox.  I quickly peruse the situation on my iPhone, thank goodness for this thing, and head out to the supermarket before returning home to meet the contractor who hopefully has not left already…

It’s now close to three, I’m finally back at my desk.  I realize I’ve not eaten lunch, which is super unusual for me. I down a Lean Cuisine for lack of better options and apparently I really am starving because it actually tastes great!  Erica has just left and I go over the notes she’s left me. She’s done everything exactly as I’ve asked. The orders have been shipped, site updated, emails addressed. I’m thrilled!  I’ve got a fresh stack of invoices and paper work to review, organize and file. I never would have imagined the amount of paperwork involved in this digital age, but there’s a lot. I hate for it to all build up, so I feel like I’m constantly filing…Around four, my neighbor calls me in a mild panic. She needs some quick teacher gift ideas for her three children.  I assure her we’ve got plenty and run down to the stock room (in my basement) to discuss her options further.  We both agree that the owl pitchers with either pencils or flowers in them would make great gifts, and she stops by for three. This reminds me that we need to have teacher gifts as well. So, I shop my own site for a few things for the teachers, and snag a few things for myself. One of the few perks of running your own shop.

It’s now about six thirty. Mr. Zhush has a late client dinner in the city, which means I won’t be cooking dinner tonight.  My kids and I order in a pizza.  I really love not cookingdinner. Normally, from now until roughly 9:30 it would be homework time in our house, but since it’s the last week of school our afternoon is super easy. No homework, no sports, just an in-house piano lesson for all three. I let everyone watch t.v and get back into my office to write The Zhush blog and organize more paperwork. I start to obsess that the store wasn’t too busy today.  I also obsess if we get too busy. I’m not sure exactly what the right amount of busy looks like these days, and have a moment where I’m starting to second guess the whole undertaking…but then a few tweets come in. A couple of blogs have given the store a shout out today, and this lifts my mood right back. I’m literally smiling reading them…

I’ve done story time and tucked my little guy in and my two girls have gone to sleep.It’s roughly 9:30 and I’m ready to zone out on the couch with some HGTV or Bravo.  As I’m sitting there watching, HGTV runs a commercial for it’s magazine. My family and I are actually featured this month in the magazine…and then this ad goes by! It’s literally like a nano-second, but it’s ME! Mr. Zhush is on his way home. I re-run the commercial with the stop/pause dvr function and take a quick photo with my always at my sidei-Phone, just in case I imagined it. I can’t wait to show him this when he gets home, which is now close to 10:30. Exhausted. We catch up a bit before calling it a night and getting ready to do a different yet similar version of this day again tomorrow.


Ummm how amazing are here custom sneakers. I think I need a pair for myself! Thank you so much Sue! I loved your day!! One of my favorites!

Happy Friday!

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23 Responses to IN HER SHOES: The Zhush

  1. I loved reading Sue’s day, she is absolutely gorgeous and has done great for herself, plus is an absolute love! I love the trainers, fun!!

  2. Liz says:

    I stinking love these posts! It’s so nice to see the real nitty gritty details in someone’s life to make you realize that homes aren’t always perfect, dinner isn’t always 5 star, and people really do put their families first! Thank you!!!!

  3. Chedva says:

    Sue is the best! And her not being a morning person and still getting so much done by 9am makes me feel I still have hope (if I stop hitting that snooze button).

  4. Great feature! She sounds like an amazing woman running a business, house of five, and keeping it all together.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Great read! Love your blog, btw! In Her Shoes is my favorite series!

  6. I’m worn out by Sue’s day and feeling incredibly lazy. She is such an inspiration! Now more than ever! Love this series.

  7. I love this series, Camila! This was a particularly interesting one.

  8. I love Sue! She is awesome!!!!

  9. I loved reading this. Amazing how these women do it all! Nice to see it “real”

  10. I loved this post and I just adore Sue!

  11. Sam says:

    Sue is such a hardworker! Seeing all she accomplishes in a day makes me feel a little bad I actually complain about my own work load. Go Sue! That license plate and the sneakers are so fun.

  12. Love this series and Sue sounds like she has a really fun, full life! Love the license plate too. :)

  13. Karen says:

    Love reading about another woman in business. I’m so glad my guys are big! I’ve done the whole juggling act and know just how hard it can be.

  14. Marianne says:

    Sue is one of my favorites! Loved reading more about her busy life. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Blogfest this year and she is fabulous!

  15. Lisaroy says:

    Whew! I’m exhausted just reading about it! :)

  16. kayce hughes says:

    Such a treat to get a glimps of your day!

  17. Jamie says:

    I love your blog and The Zhush! As exhausting as Sue’s day was it made me feel better that I’m not the only one who has days like that! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. quintessence says:

    LOVE Sue!! I’m exhausting just reading this even though my day looks very much the same!! Love her sneakers too!! Nice visiting!

  19. Love Sue!!! I’m exhausted just reading her day – but she makes it all seem easy!!

    And, definitely must have sneaks like that! Though they seem much “cooler” with Zhush on them than say…Tulips.

    xo Elizabeth

  20. great feature on sue! gotta love that smart and talented gal….donna

  21. I love Sue and what a fun glimpse of what it is like to be in her oh-so-stylish shoes!

  22. Zhush has been a must read since my early days of blogging and Sue became one of my first bloggy friends, so I really enjoyed this post. Such a fun read and the sneakers had me laughing as well as the license plate!

  23. Wow! Sue definitely epitomizes doing it all! Love that you have hints of “Zhush” throughout your life i.e. on yours shoes, license plate, etc… Great feature!

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