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My sister is constantly coming up with the next big thing. Or to put it more specifically she thinks she is coming up with the next big thing and then she tells me her idea and I have to sadly break it to her that it already exists. In the past she has come up with…the library….ebay…and most recently wooden utensils. :)

Recently I fell into the same category by thinking of my big idea and then sadly finding out it already exists. Perhaps everyone already knows about this idea, but it was new to me so I wanted to share.

I have always been jealous of all of those bloggers that are amazing at sourcing items on Craigslist. I honestly get tired of searching after a couple of minutes.  So my idea was to have a site where you could just place keywords of what you were searching for like vintage dresser, desk chair, etc and the location you were in and to just get emails when those items were listed. Well it exists and it’s called List Alert.

Once you log on you’ll be able to place alerts for whatever you are searching for. You can even but a min/max price you want for the idea and chose to only see items with images or items with and without images.

So cool. I’ve just been playing around for the past two weeks, but I really like it. Anyone else have success with it? What other craigslist tips do I need to know about?

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7 Responses to List Alert!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this!
    Do you also know about It installs a button on the toolbar that allows you to search craigs list and ebay by picture. Instead of having to read through descriptions and click on the pictures for each one, you can just scroll through the pictures!

  2. I get so tired of browsing Craigslist too! I’m going to try this List Alert – thanks!!

  3. kate anderson says:

    thanks, i’m going to sign up!

  4. Jessica M. says:

    What an awesome tool – thanks a lot!

  5. Ximena Ramirez says:

    HAHA thanks for calling me out! I actually have a new AMAZING idea and I’m pretty sure no-one else has thought of it yet! Fingers crossed!

  6. very cool tip! I too get quickly bored or distracted from looking on CL…

  7. Lee says:

    I like this, but would also like to be able to search by my zip code and have the option of searching within a 5, 10, 25, 100, etc ., radius – kind of like when you’re looking for a store. We’ve driven up to 6 hours to pick up something and get back home and I get tired of searching every city and area I’d be willing to drive to. Maybe this could be what you work out. I think that lots of people who want something specific and are willing to travel for it would find this helpful. Still would like the additional alert function like on ebay.

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