Hitting Dixie Highway!

This weekend we are taking off for a short little get away with Jon’s family to Florida. As soon as I get in our rental car I’m hitting the road to West Palm Beach the land of furniture made out of lucite, bamboo and elephants. Ah pretty much heaven to me.

One of my first stops has to be Circa Who,because I’m constantly ohhing and ahhhing over everything on their site.

Take a peek at some of their goodies:

Ah pretty much my idea of heaven!

On my list of must stop shops I have:

-Lord’s Place Thrift Store
-Palm Beach Home Collection
-Shi & Erhard
-Nettie’s Thrift & Consignment
-D & G Antiques
-Health & Company
-Blue Moon Antiques
-C. Bell
-Jay Millstein

Now the majority of the places on my list are high end resale shops so I’ll be able to look at all of the pretty items I normally just get to see online, but not actually buy anything. I’m more interested in the down and dirty traditional thrift stores were I can score some deals.

Have any of my lovely readers ever hit the Dixie Highway and have some hidden gems I should hit? Also I always love meeting up with readers/fellow bloggers so if anyone wants to meet up email me camila@effortless-style.com.

I’ll be blogging about my adventures while I’m away and we don’t leave till this weekend so it’s work as usual here on the blog.

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9 Responses to Hitting Dixie Highway!

  1. Ohhhh I cannot wait to see what you find, my dear!

  2. Tippi says:

    that Circa Who place looks awesome!! Good luck finding some goodies- I’m jealous! ;)

  3. Oh my gawd I would kill to go to Circa…every time I get on their site I want to buy EVERYTHING!!! I can’t imagine what the actual store is like…heaven would be my guess!! Can’t wait to see what you find!!

  4. Happy Hunting! We are a local Palm Beach blog and you named some of our favorite weekly stops! http://www.luxereport.blogspot.com

  5. Jennifer says:

    Circa Who is my FAVORITE! Every time I travel to PB, I go! The girls who work there are the sweetest, and I literally have to stop myself from going bamboo crazy. Having read your blog for awhile now, I know you will LOVE it! There’s also a random place called True Treasures, which is basically a consignment shop filled with amazing things like framed Scalamandre paper, cheeky oil paintings, sick persian rugs, etc… Worth checking out, if you have time. Have fun!

  6. Oh my goodness — I hope you have so much fun! That shop looks like it will be amazing to peruse.

  7. Debra says:

    Well ! I need to check out Circa Who. What a cute name. I can see that they have amazing stuff!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Margaret says:

    I think you should have rented a truck! (You could pick up those cute green chairs for me…!
    When things are too expensive for me to buy, I make myself think of the shop as a museum, so then I don’t feel compelled to try to bring anything home, and I get great ideas for things within my budget. Happy Hunting!

  9. Sara says:

    Oh, wow, I am sure you will have SUCH a blast!! My aunt has a winter condo in West Palm, and I am trying to arrange a trip down with time set aside to check out Dixie Highway. Please report back on what treasures you find and where you found them :)!

    I’m also curious about what shipping method you would use to get any larger items home. Is there a particular company you use? I have a few I got quotes from when I arranged my first type of shipment of that sort, but it was for a client who bought high end antiques, so the shipping was white glove and very pricey. I’d love to find some more budget friendly options that are still trustworthy for pieces that aren’t quite so precious ;).

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