Palm Beach Perfection

We started our Florida vacation in Fort Lauderdale and let me tell you I don’t have a whole lot to report. It’s sunny and hot and there is the beach and the pool. That is all. We have taken a little detour to Key West and enjoyed more beach/pool combo which has been nice, but what I’m looking forward to the most is hitting Palm Beach!

One of my favorite interior designers,  Meg Braff has Palm Beach chic done to a tee. Take a peek inside her Palm Beach condo:

Swoon-worthy, right? I wish I knew the exact location so that I could casually bump into Ms. Braff and get invited in for an Arnold Palmer.

All images via Coastal Living

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5 Responses to Palm Beach Perfection

  1. Leslie says:

    Really? The antique/thrift stores in South Florida are unparalleled. You should definitely check out the ones in West Palm.

  2. Kerry says:

    Be sure to stop at Beached Boat in Delray Beach and Eccentricities in North Palm Beach. Great stores for inspiration.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This just made me happy! Thanks for posting. You’ve made my day a ‘Palm Beach’ day!

  4. Wow — amazing! I just love the bright colors and the interesting decor details. So awesome!

  5. Click here says:

    I felt the center of attraction in all the rooms is the greenery and leaf designs. Without that the designs would have looked bland.

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