Chartreuse Color Story

Did you catch the Emmys? I always watch the Red Carpet and then tune out when it comes to show time. It’s just so long! This year I think we saw that yellow was a big hit on the red carpet. One of my favorite shades of yellow was on Modern Family star, Julie Bowen.

Did you feel the chartreuse love? Want to inject it into your home?

Ways to get a dose of chartreuse in your space.

-For a bit of it in small doses go for a candle,small ceramic basket.or hand towel.

-You could also paint an accent piece of furniture in the cheery color. My favorite is citron by Benjamin Moore.It’s a lot brighter in person and very electric without looking neon. Don’t want to paint? No problem just pick some furniture pieces from cb2in the “it” color.

-Framing your windows with it in this gauzy curtain would be a welcomed addition to any window. You could even pair it with some toss pillows in this fabric.

-Your friends would be green with envy if you used this mirror to inject chartreuse into your space.

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5 Responses to Chartreuse Color Story

  1. oooh this was one of my favorites, too! I love it in that throw – perfect to add a little color!

  2. I loved her dress, it was such a great color!

  3. Catherine says:

    totally fresh! Love it! Thanks for sharing – Xo Catherine

  4. I have been addicted to chartreuse for a long time, and even devoted a LONG article to it on my blog because I could not help myself. This color attracts me like moth to a light wherever I see it. I love every shade of it from citron to olive. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea and does not work with every skin tone. So as you suggested, accents go a long way, especially when added to a neutral palette.

    I think I must get that hand towel now. Thanks for adding more guilty pleasures to my passion for chartreuse.



  5. Pam Buell says:

    Hi, I am looking high and low to replace a set of lovely chartreuse sheets that I have had for several years. None of the greens out there come even close to the true chartreuse color. Have you ever run across bedding in a true chartreuse color? I’m looking for a sheet set. Would love to hear back. Pam Buell

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