Mix & Match Seating

I love getting a peek into Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things design work. She is a master at mixing and matching everything from fabric to furniture and everything in between.

Check out this dining room she is working on:

{Image via Absolutely Beautiful Things}

I think I would sit at a different chair everyday of the week!

Something like this would be so easy to tackle in your own home. You just need to be daring enough to try it out.

Now the most economical way to recreate this look in your own space would be to scour garage sales and thrift shops and curate a unique mix. Now if you want instant gratification you can just order some chairs and fabric and be on your way to a finished room.

No. 1: Macau dining chairs are currently on sale (set of 2 for $429). In Anna’s picture she uses two similar chairs to this one.

No. 2: A great tip in keep things chic and not chaotic is to pick out chairs with somewhat clean lines. This cross back chair is perfect because it has small detailing on the back to keep it interesting, but it’s still on the clean side and no need for fabric to again keep it clean.

No. 3: A windsor chair is ideal in this mix. They are inexpensive, everywhere and come in a variety of wood and painted tones. This one is only $45!

No. 4: Getting a chair upholstered can be pricey, but it is nice to have a chair that is more fabric than wood in a space. It helps break up all of the wood tones and adds interest to the mix. Here is a ready to purchase upholstered chair that would work in a number of settings.

For the fabrics in the space Anna chose to go with black and white fabrics. Keeping the fabrics in neutral colors helps again with keeping the space chic not chaotic. A small geometric print, buffalo check and a vine floral make a fun grouping.

So are you ready to plunge into the land of mixing and matching?


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6 Responses to Mix & Match Seating

  1. Damn I love a good buffalo check AND some mix and match seating. To die for!

  2. Imogen says:

    Thank you for featuring a talented Australian! I love reading blogs and the majority of the ones I read are from the USA but our blog network is growing. The blogging community as a whole is so inspirational and all of you talented individuals are a pleasure to read about!

  3. LOVE mixing and matching. Anna can do no wrong!

  4. Nikki says:

    I love mixing and matching and I love chairs that don’t match the most! For our kitchen table, we have 2 with one pattern and two with another, so they aren’t all matching. I kind of wanted them to be all different, but the practical side got the best of me…

  5. Sarah Martin says:

    Maybe I missed a link or something, but any idea about the drum pendant fabric???
    I love it!

  6. i love this and I love Anna! thanks for sharing!

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