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I know that I might be in the minority here, but I hate Ikea sofas. There I said it! I see lots of bloggers out there sing the praises to a many sofas from the Blue & Yellow mecca for affordable furniture, but I never recommend them to clients. I personally don’t find them to be very comfortable and find that they look very worn quickly.

I think that when you are designing a room a big chunk of your budget should go towards furniture like a sofa. It might not be the biggest impact design wise, because many people tend to go with neutrals and you get more design punch with fabric on window treatments or a statement piece of artwork, but it’s the best place to splurge. You will be seating on it for year after year so it might as well look beautiful and feel amazing.

Now I know not everyone has the budget to spend $2,000 or more on one piece of furniture, but let me tell you Ikea is not the only option. I always head to JCPENNEY for budget projects and let me tell you they don’t disappoint.

Here is a round up of some of the favorite sofa finds from JCP that I’ve sourced for clients and have seen and tested out in person.

The Oasis Darren Sofa is an amazing find. It has great modern lines, looks like it came out of the Mad Men set and is only $900.

Linden Street Danbury Sofa which has lines similar to an English rolled sofa, comes in 14 different colors options and is only $900.

Belgium style design doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Every time I hit a trade show it’s always one of the “new” trends. The Royal Velvet Penelope Sofa is a bit higher than the rest coming in at $1,200, but it is made out of green materials and has a lifetime warranty. It is also available in 16 different colors so if you are tired of the Belgium style design trend, but still enjoy the tufting and high back/arms then switch up the color from this taupe number that screams Belgium. I would love to see it in the black or amber color it’s available in.

The Colette Contemporary Sofa has even more of an English rolled sofa vibe and is available in linen for $800!

The Aubrey sofa does not look like much in it’s picture, but in person it’s a stunning mid century gem for only $700. It’s more feminine than the Oasis featured earlier and comes in this amazing navy shade that designers everywhere love. My only complaint was that the back cushions were a bit over stuffed so you can really feel the stuffing material, but I think once you sit on it a couple of times it would flatten a bit and be perfect.

Tips to remember when checking out your budget find sofas:
– If they come with toss pillows try to just keep the solid ones and introduce your own accent/patterned ones. Just use the patterned ones they send you as inserts for the new covers you get. Or better yet toss them and get down inserts which give a higher end look.
-If they are in that faux suede fabric that tends to be very popular in budget sofa’s try to steer away from the beige color. It’s a tell tale sign that they are mass produced and inexpensive.
-Check the seams of the piece and make sure they are nice and tight.
-Try to stay away from faux leather. It’s very rare when you get a budget friendly leather sofa that looks just like the real thing.
-Think small. For some reason at all of the budget friendly sofa places I have encountered they love to make the cheapest sofa’s the most over stuffed. They might be comfy like a pair of sweat pants, but again the overstuffed pieces scream budget find and they tend to have awful finishing details and won’t last the long haul.

Hope these decorator tips can help you hunt down an amazing sofa deal! Happy hunting!


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23 Responses to Budget Sofa Finds

  1. Andrea says:

    My husband and I were just in JCP randomly and were commenting on how nice their furniture was for the price! Though we are not in the market for any new pieces, we would definitely take a look there.

  2. Kara B. says:

    I don’t like most of ikeas furniture either! Glad someone else agrees. Thanks for your tips to finding budget friendly sofas. My boyfriend and I are currently redoing our main living room and would love to add a sectional piece. Do you have any tips on finding budget friendly. Sectionals? They can be so expensive and for a starter family it can really hurt the bank!

  3. Wow, I had no idea – we have a small JCP with limited merchandise, I will have to check them out.

  4. Heather says:

    Great post! I am not a fan of Ikea couches, either, and totally agree that this is where to invest. And these couches are not such a huge investment! Thanks for turning me on to a new source.


  5. Erin M. G. says:

    Great post! I never would have thought to check there, but I really like all the sofas you selected.

  6. I had no idea JCP had such nice things! I can’t even remember the last time I was in a JCP, maybe the 90’s??

  7. Sam says:

    Couldn’t agree more- I HATE Ikea sofas too! I like your tips, though. Checking the seams is a great idea.

  8. Eva says:

    This is a great post! Two months ago I was in the market for a navy couch (on a budget) and couldn’t find one! Now I know where to look next time! (I have not given up on one day having that navy couch!) Now the problem I am faced with is finding affordable accent chairs. Any tips?

  9. Eva says:

    One more thing… World Market has a white elephant tea pot that I can’t find on their site.. but it’s the cutest! While looking for it I did find this elephant tea towel. http://www.worldmarket.com/product/elephant-tea-towel-with-pom-poms.do?&from=Search

  10. Margan Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the lead to good looking, decent quality, and reasonably priced sofas. I’m in the market and really liking the pictures on JCP’s site. To bad they aren’t set up to make the online shopping experience an easy one. They don’t give a lot of information about the fabric choices, and it’s impossible to tell from the teeny picture. Their customer support people were no help, either, and they don’t have samples to send. Do you have more insight on the fabric choices for the tufted sofa? Love it, but I don’t want velvet or the micro fabric. Thx!

    • effortless says:

      I totally agree. The website is horrible and the pictures are so small. I was so happy to see everything in person and needed to share. The navy one on the budget is stunning in person, but doesn’t look so hot in the picture. The one pictured and all of the Sachi fabrics looks like there a type of linen or perhaps a linen/poly blend. I think everything else is velvet. I’m going to be there again this weekend and I can give it a better look for you. :)

  11. Elizabeth J says:

    Love this post! JCP sofas are great. A friend of mind worked as a furniture buyer for there and told me that they source most of their sofas from the same suppliers as more expensive retailers (like Pottery Barn). You can even see how similar some of the styles are.

  12. Good to know !! So the fabrics are good in person? Do they have swatches or do you start with the sofa and then design around it?

  13. Cristina says:

    Great advice an great couches. I would pick up any of those if possible (i.e. we live out of the country). What would you say to do with a couch that you have to live with, but wouldn’t choose on your own? Would you ever slip cover a sofa instead of buying a new one?

  14. I’m with you–I don’t like Ikea upholstered pieces. I only use them if I am staging a house! I didn’t know about JCP’s furniture. Greta finds! Thanks for sharing!

  15. JennyBC says:

    Oh, thank you! I don’t like Ikea sofas either. I am not a fan of most of the chairs either. Other pieces have worked out well for my kids’ apartments but I have put my foot down on the sofas. They are hard as a rock!
    We have had great success at JCP. If there is a JCP Home Store, you can find a greater variety of pieces there. They have great accessories and I have found it a great place to find a trend thatI want to use without breaking the bank. They also have an extensive line of linens for bed and bath. We were able to do our guest room from there. In order not to get too matchy I went with several different lines and got a more collected look than a bed in a bag feeling. The sheets were 400 thread count and they feel like silk. I have been very pleasantly pleased with my purchases there.

  16. Kacey says:

    Great post! Have any of your clients purchased one of these and do you have any feedback? I would love to know! What do you do if a client ends up NOT liking something you suggested (eg I am wondering if one of my clients dislikes her IKEA sofa!). Thanks!!

    • effortless says:

      Oh having a client not like something you picked out is tough. With furniture pieces I make sure that they go and test it out. Some companies also allow a 30 day showroom policy where you can return a piece within 30 days and not have to pay for shipping back. So I always make sure that a piece has been give the approval from the client and what the return policy is. If they really hate it I help them resell it and source more items. Hope that helps!

  17. oooh i love the lines on that Oasis Darren sofa! Never knew JC Penny had such options. thanks for the tip!

  18. Katie says:

    Our sofa is from jcp and we love it. We’ve had it 6 or 7 years now. Its held up, is super comfy & everyone assumes we bought it at pottery barn.

  19. katie says:

    this is amazing! i never would have thought to look at jcp (or “penney’s” as we called it growing up :)). thank you for sharing, as you easily could have kept this little gem to yourself!

  20. Nancy K. says:

    So where can I hop on a bus to a showroom in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, PA) to personally view some of these sofas?? I agree, I’ve seen their website and I can’t buy another piece w/o a personal inspection of some sort. Did a Macy’s reclining chair that way and quite disappointed. And the price!! Anyway, I like the selection at JCPs for sofa/s or sofabeds, Bob’s Furntiure isn’t bad either and their reclining chairs are neat. I’m not into leather, but they do have lots of fabric choices. Just ignore thre cheaper stuff. You can tell easily enough. Good Luck To Us All.

    Nice blog!

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