Mini Me Decorating: Pretty in Pink meets Blue

Time for another addition of Mini me decorating with Julia.

Today we are tackling our updated take on the typical go-to girl color, pink. We have decided to updated it a bit by pairing it with a bright blue and adding some green accents as well.

Here are the fabrics we are working with:

Cranberry geometric print
Teal oval dot print
Floral pattern
Thomas Paul sunflower print in surf
Fuchsia scroll print
Seaglass chevron print

Like always our pretend client is a pre-teen/teen girl that is looking for a new bedroom.

Here is what we dreamed up:

Walls: Since we are going with a pink meets blue color story we decided to go with a bold blue on the walls. Our pick is escape the everyday by Mythic.

Lighting: To mimic the floral patterns in some of the fabrics we decided to go with a floral lotus capiz chandelier.Yes, it’s girly, but so is our client so it’s good to embrace some extra girly touches.

Floor:To make the room a little more hip we decided to go on a magic carpet ride and use an overdyed persian rug. This one is at an amazing price point, because it’s machine made. Since this is a room for a pre-teen/teen whose design style will probably change on the hour it’s good to not use up all of your budget on a trendy item so this rug is the perfect fit.

Sleep: Our pretend client has a small room so in order to utilize our space properly we decided to go with a daybed that can also be used as a sofa for when friends come over. A good way to dress up a daybed and provide a soft place for your head to rest while you sit and do your homework is a padded headboard, which is very easy to DIY. Since our space is small instead of flanking our daybed with nightstands we are going to use two smaller end tables in front of our daybed that don’t take up a lot of visual or physical space. There is no table space for our lighting so this is when we look at our walls for solutions and go for wall sconces instead.

Dressing the bed: In a daybed pillows are our friend and you can get away with doing a lot of them. I typically fill them with between 5-6 pillows. For this bed didn’t go as overboard as I normally do, but we have set the stage for fun with some trellis pillows and a custom silhouette pillow. I would probably also pick out a solid color and have some bolsters made for the ends of the daybed.

Window treatments: To makes a bit more grown up we decided to go with the multi color chevron fabric instead of going all out with pink. If you love pink then we would go with the fuchsia scroll fabric. My favorite look on panels is back tab panels. With the back tab panels you get a great fullness and shape to your panels.

Reading nook: Since our space is small we don’t have room for a desk, but we can have a little reading area and dress our favorite vintage chair in the Thomas Paul sunflower fabric. I’m beyond obsessed with this bookcase. Love that the doors open up! Plus the detailing on the doors! Ah! Perfection. Every room also needs some beautiful artwork and the April print from siiso is the perfect mix of all of our colors.

So, what’s your favorite part of this style plan? Mine has to be that bookcase! I love it. It also comes in a 4 drawer version if need be.

Need help with a space in your own home? Contact me, for details.

Next style plan? Our take on the yellow/gray trend that I think we all agree needs a little updating.

Happy Friday!




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2 Responses to Mini Me Decorating: Pretty in Pink meets Blue

  1. Umm…did you see that rug is 60% off? I’m thinking I need it ASAP.

  2. Nat says:

    Love your style plan! Loving that curtain fabric!

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