Navy & Sunshine Entryway Style Plan

I haven’t been able to get my eyes off of this entryway designed by Suellen Gregory Interior Design:

Stunning, right? I’m obsessed. I need clients that are daring enough to go as bold as this space. Check out that wallpaper! Plus the amazing navy and sunshine color combo! If I actually had an entry way and not just a teeny vestibule I would love to do something like this.

Obsessed like me? Here is a way to recreate the look in your own space:

Door: The rich navy door and trim paint by Glidden looks like a perfect match. I love how glossy the finish is! I need to test this paint out in person. Anyone have luck with it?

Wallpaper: In order to recreate the wallpaper look on a budget a stencil is the way to go. The pagoda stencil (Pattern CH 32)is a bit pricier than other stencils at $215, but it’s much more budget friendly than picking up double rolls of designer wallpaper. Use del sol by Olympic paint to get that bright punchy yellow.

Entry Way vignette: Large ornate mirror, dainty console table,vintage basket,silver piggy for a touch of whimsy and classic ginger jar.

Floor: I love that even with that busy wallpaper they chose to go with a leopard rug. I always tells people that leopard is a neutral and this just helps prove my case. :)

Happy Friday!

* I will be back with mini me decorating next week.

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7 Responses to Navy & Sunshine Entryway Style Plan

  1. Of course you are going to nail this! Of course! So beautimous!

  2. Sara says:

    I think I love this more than anything I’ve seen in a while!!! That glossy blue door is spectacular, especially with that wallpaper! Your style plan is brilliant :).

    This (plus a green tone) is the color scheme I am using to redo my master bedroom, and this is making me want to add more and brighter yellows!

  3. Love the stencil! The color combo is amazing. And I have used that Glidden high-gloss paint and it works like a dream. VERY glossy, and the finish is so smooth. I was really happy with it.

  4. jeannene says:

    This is great! I’m told by my paint store the only way to get that high shine on the door is to use the “Fine Paints of Europe” brand. It is a lot shiner than any other paint out there. Love your blog!

  5. Leigh carter young says:

    Hi Camilla,
    First, i love you starting my day following you! Second, do you know where you can get the storm door that is shown in the above picture? I have seen one in my neighborhood as well, but don’t know how to search for it on the internet or even what it’s called. But it looks so much nicer than crummy metal storm doors. Painted to match the front door really makes the door pop and looks nice enough you could keep you door open year round!

    Thanks for any insight!

  6. Leigh carter young says:

    Sorry – i mispelled camila! Oops!

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