Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This weekend Jon celebrated his 31st birthday! Happy Birthday honey! We decided to make it a family fun weekend in honor of his birthday and started our weekend off with Hudson’s first swim class!

It’s called Guppies and I was a very nervous mommy seeing Hudson and Jon go off for the class while I watched from the viewing area. They both had a blast though so need for any worrying on my part.

After swim class we met up with both of our immediate families (Except for the one that decided to run off to London. ;) Love you Danay! ) and headed out east for some pumpkin picking!

Hudson liked posing with the pumpkins:

You could clearly tell that Hudson was the first grandchild in both of our families, because everyone just kept snapping away with their cameras and ohhing and ahhing over him.

After last weeks walking attempt with 3 little steps Hudson had become a little shy with the whole walking thing by himself, but was more than happy to take some steps when we were holding his hands.

So cute! We bought home a couple of pumpkins and I can’t wait to give them some bling like I do every year!

We spent the rest of Jon’s birthday weekend doing some of his favorite activities like going to lunch by the beach, doing some thrifting ( I swear he likes it just as much as me), and continuing our obsession with watching Dexter. We just started 2 weeks ago and are already on season 3! Of course we had to eat some birthday cupcakes as well.

By the time 8pm rolled around we were all wiped. Except for Hudson, because he decided to give Jon the perfect birthday gift by walking to the bathroom for bath time and we caught it on video!

I literally teared up! I never imagined that being a mom would be so amazing. I’m now one of those annoying people I use to make fun of that is obsessed with their child. Ah so if you want to share in my obsession check out the video. It’s only 10 secs long. He may be walking a bit now, but he is still not a pro so he drops on his bum quite a bit.

Hope you had a fun fall filled weekend as well.

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3 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. Happy birthday, Jon!

    And oh my goodness, that little walker of yours is adorable.

  2. froghall says:

    I think that the best posts every week are the ones that you are talking about your weekend scenes…this little boy of your is such a cuttie :) with this big smile :)

    Happy bday to your partner, and wish you all the best, to live long and happy moments with both of your men as a family :D

  3. Awww yayy for Hudson, walking is such a big deal!! So cute.

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