What I wore…

Last year around this time my wardrobe consisted of 99% leggings due to my expending preggo belly.  Now that the belly is gone and Hudson is about 10 months old I’m left with a very stale wardrobe. I hate everything in my closet, but at I’m at a loss for what to pick up, because lately all of my shopping has taken place at Baby Gap or Carters.

Since fashion has been on the brain I just had to share these beautiful illustrations I stumbled upon yesterday.

Illustrator Danielle Kroll showcases her beautiful outfits on her, What I wore blog posts:

Fun, right? She has me itching for a new wardrobe! Wouldn’t they look great as prints framed up in a gallery wall somewhere in your house?

The goal for this weekend is to pick up some Fall/Winter staples. So what’s a girl to pick up? Any suggestions? What is your must have clothing item this season?


All images via Danielle Kroll

* Mini Me decoratingwill be back next Friday. I simply ran out of hours to get the latest style plan wrapped up. So sorry!

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6 Responses to What I wore…

  1. Nat says:

    I love these prints!! I might need to get some for our bedroom once I finally re-do it. Check out Old Navy- they have actually had some great stuff this fall. ON and Target are my go-to for seasonal dresses. Do you have a Francesca’s Collection near you? If so I always pop in there for some inexpensive fun trendy pieces- way better quality than a F21 but not too pricey!

  2. Jenny Beth says:

    Our boys are about s month apart in age. I was feeling the same about my wardrobe. We snuck away to Chicago for the week and I found some great tops at h&m. I am trying to find a good camel color a line skirt and a new pair of black pants! Each pregnancy has changed my body differently and my wardrobe has to evolve again post baby! Good luck finding some stuff!

  3. Sara says:

    Second the Old Navy suggestion. They have really inexpensive colored jeans in every color. I picked up 2 inexpensive dresses for work that look really cute under a blazer, including one striped, very soft knit one that is amazingly comfy and easy to move around, take measurements, etc.

    My other favorite thing this fall is actually the slouchy wedge booties I got 2 years ago! I love that booties are still everywhere, and this pair I got at Aldo have enough of a heel to look cool, but b/c they are wedges and not that high, they are super comfy and easy to wear. I highly recommend that style, though :).

    Happy shopping!

  4. Find some good base pieces and build from there. I bought a pair of cigarette pants (ankle pants) from New York & Company that I love! Today I’m wearing them with flats, a black camisole, denim button down, and leopard print belt. But I can also dress them up with heels and a nice top.

    Which brings me to…a good belt or two.

    Pencil skirts are huge, and they’re making them in knits so they’re comfortable. Try a couple of those in fun colors. Then cardis with different fun tops underneath. I also bought a sweater dress at Target I’m in love with. I’m actually considering going back to buy the same (all black) sweater dress because I love it so much. Have fun!

  5. Kristin says:

    you have an amazing blog, I’m a little obsessed now.



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