Holiday Gift Guide: $20 or Less Grab Bag Edition

I think everyone is buying at least one grab bag type gift this season. I personally have to shop for 3 different Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap. Playing Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap is always fun, but lets face it it can be a lot of pressure to pick out gifts with a $20 limit that you want people to fight over. Tis the season and all. :)

Here are some of my favorites!

No.1: I don’t know about you, but every time I’m in the city I’m either tempted by eating a street hot dog or pretzel or let’s face it sometimes I want both. In ode to my love for NYC street vendor food I adore this pretzel key ring. It’s a unique yet practical gift.

No.2: A cozy throw is always a winner during our Yankee Swaps. Pick out a neutral shade or go bold! These are a steal at $19. If faux fur is more your style this option is amazing at $15!

No.3: I try to use canvas tote every time I head out to the market, library or local shops. I think a chic canvas tote would be a great score. There are many options to choose from on etsy. This oneis my favorite!

No.4: Everyone entertains, but not everyone has appetizer or dessert plates so help them out by picking up a set. This appetizer set from Target is only $20 and has 8 plates. Target has a great variety of appetizer/dessert plates for less than $20.

No.5: Books can be hard to buy when you don’t know who you are shopping for, but I think cookbooks are always welcomed and perhaps something you wouldn’t buy for yourself. I love supporting bloggers turned authors so I would need to pick Dinner: A love storyby Jenny.

No.6: I love this classic yet rustic yet modern take on oil and vinegar set.I think most everyone eats salad or uses oil when cooking that they would get used by anyone.

No.7: Ah bread. I love it. I love nothing more than dipping it in oil. I’ve never had a special tray for this purpose, but I found this board and I sorta love it. I think I’ll buy it and then pick my own gift. ;)

No.8: As you could probably tell by now I’m sitting dieting and clearly I’m hungry! I love s’mores. I even had a s’mores bar at my baby shower.So a contraption that lets me have real s’mores indoors without the help of a microwave is amazing.

No.9: I don’t like giving $$$ for a Yankee Swap, because that just feels like cheating, but if you are in a jam and uninspired I think a fun gift is lotto scratch offs. The receiver of this may win big, little or not at all, but it’s all in fun.

No.10: I love a good piece of flare for my desk area. These cute Jonathan Adler giant erasers are a must buy. I have an elephant one already (Gifted to me by a super sweet client. Thanks Julia!)and I love it. Plus at $10 you can pick up a whole menagerie if you like.

No.11: Who doesn’t love a little Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit? I would pick something classic by Frank,but really it’s up to you.

No.12: It’s must be the Southern belle in me, but I love this mason jar dispenser.Only $20 and it holds 2 gallons. It would be perfect for a small get together or just everyday use.

What are your go to grab bag gifts?

If you haven’t checked them out yet here are our guides for men, ladies and kids.

We will be back to normal design posts next week. Hope you enjoyed the guides!

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4 Responses to Holiday Gift Guide: $20 or Less Grab Bag Edition

  1. Thank you for this! We have a gift exchange with my family every year and the limit is $25 – lately gift cards have taken over and these ideas are SO much more fun!

  2. Nat says:

    This is great! I also have to go to a quite a few yankee swaps so I’m always looking for ideas

  3. TSL says:

    I never heard of a Yankee Swap, I am jealous! I guess down here in the deep south we call it drawing names, something, I don’t know, but I like Yankee Swap, sounds like a party.
    Hope all is well, Camila, with you and your sweet fam.
    xo Tina
    PS (Having a GIVEAWAY on my blog if you care to pop over)

  4. Daniela says:

    I’d like #3 for Christmas Please! xoxo

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