Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Edition

I’m still new at shopping for little ones. I pretty much just go with my gut and hope Hudson enjoys what I’ve picked. Some are good and some are misses, but here are some of his favorites and hopefully the little person in your life will enjoy them to.

No.1: I’m not sure what it is about these books whether it’s the language or the pictures, but Hudson loves them. He laughs single time I read one of them and most of them I now know by memory. They are available in box sets (set of 4 for only $13, which is great because normally 1 book is $7) Vol 1& Vol 2.

No.2: Hudson adores hugging stuffed animals. He gives them big hugs and then presses them up against his cheek. So sweet. His favorite are anything by Jellycat. You can get them in a lot of places, but I have the best luck on ebay.

No.3: I don’t think this would replace Hudson’s adoration for my iphone, but a girls gotta try.

No.4: Probably the only motorcycle type bike I will ever allow Hudson to go. How chic is this wooden vespa available in pink or blue for only $95!

No.5: Hudson loves wheeling stuff around and this etsy shop is full of wooden toys on wheels for $5.25. Great stocking stuffer!

No.6: I’m sure I will probably regret this decision, but I think it would be fun to have Hudson test out a set of drums. As long as there is going to be banging it might as well look nice.

No.7: Hudson loves playing with his bowling set.He doesn’t really get hitting the pins, but he loves carrying around the ball.

No.8: I know some people may not agree, but we let Hudson watch some kiddie shows. His favorite has to be Bubble Guppies.The colors, the music, the dancing we do during the theme song he adores it.

No.9: Hudson is finally grasping the concept of all of those shape sorter games. He loves them now and while most of them are very kid friendly aka not that stylish in the design department we now have a new option by Dwell Studio that could grace the home of any interior design lover.

No.10: Hudson loves dragging around the dogs leashes so I think he would enjoy pushing a little squirrelaround instead of an empty leash.

No.11: Of course I needed to have an elephant related item on the guide. With all of those books one needs bookends. How cute is this stuffed elephant. Just google Zuny bookends and you’ll find a zoo worthy collection of animals to pick from.

Hope you enjoyed my picks! Remember to check out the men’s and ladies editions too.

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One Response to Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Edition

  1. Anne says:

    Love this- I’ve been trying to think of gifts for little ones and I think the drums would be a big hit.

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