Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

I like to think that I’m a good gift giver. I really try to think of the person I’m shopping for and figure out what they would love! No practical gift ideas for me and if you told me you want something I probably won’t get it. I like the challenge of finding the perfect gift.

Number 1 on my shopping list is Jon. This year we decided that we are “grown ups” and we shouldn’t go crazy on gifts for each other and just spoil Hudson. I’m all for spoiling Hudson, but I am now suddenly regretting the small budget we agreed upon for each other. Perhaps we’ll win the power ball this week and budgets won’t concern me anymore. ;)

Here are some of the things the main man in my life would love:

Clockwise from the top:

1. I find that men enjoy a touch of vintage in their home as much as ladies. The only difference is that instead of a cool vintage chair or scarf they would much rather have something more Mad Men inspired like this vintage bar set.

2.I’m not sure why, but whenever Jon is out with his friends at one point or another beef jerky will be bought up. Men just love it. Some guys make there own, but for those with a more instant gratification type of mind set this multi pack from Field Trip is suppose to be amazing!

3.While we are currently using our play station to mainly watch blu-rays Jon does love to play a game or two when he has a free moment. Metallics are such a huge trend in design that it only seems fitting to add a touch of gold to Jon’s controller.

4. There is something about distressed leather that makes my husband’s heart flutter. Everyone needs some sort of case for their electronic readers or tablets. Why not make that heart flutter a bit and get a case in distressed leather with an ode to one of my favorite childhood games.

5.  Jon is more skilled in rock star guitar than an actual guitar, but we still have a real one hanging around our basement just waiting to be played. If inspiration strikes Jon will need his picks ready at all times.

6. Perhaps it’s all of the Duck Dynasty we have been watching, but Jon has been loving his beard lately and keeps threatening to grow it long like my favorite men on DD. If he does this Wild Man sampler set will come in handy.

7. I get to rock a Hudson necklace everyday and now Jon can show his love for his baby boy with this rock-star appropriate cuff.

8. If your man is itching for some ink, but you are not quite sure then test out the waters with temporary tattos from Tattly.

9. Being a blogger’s husband can make a man need a drink. Now Jon can take a swig on our millionth trip to Home Depot.

10. Jon and I have been together for 13 years (married for almost 7 of those years) and I have yet to go camping with him. Perhaps I can just use this campfire candle at home and give myself another couple years of camp free outings.

11. Everyone has a normal key why not make your man a bit special with a six-shooter key instead. With Jon’s love of Duck Dynasty I’m sure he would enjoy this as well.

12. Wood speakers so that Jon can feel like he is camping while he is helping me put together whatever ideas I’ve made him get at Home Depot for a blog post. ;)

13. A little army man is cool enough for Jon, but the fact that it has two purposes and is not only a toy, but a beer opener as well equals man heaven.

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3 Responses to Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

  1. Stacy E. says:

    Thanks so much for the wallet -with-the-guitar-pick-holder gift idea. My son plays the guitar and will really appreciate this. And thanks for all the pics of your son. He is adorable!

  2. Meredith says:

    i am a consummate blog comsumer and this is THE BEST gift guide I’ve seen this xmas. no repeats that you are seeing on a lot of the other guides and more than a few items that i will be adding to the list for the husband. thanks!

    • effortless says:

      Oh thank you Meredith! I tried to stay away from what I had seen making the blogging rounds. So happy you liked it!

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