Decorators Handbook: Area Rug Size Guide for Bedrooms

I’m always 90% done with my house. Once I reach that 90% in a room and Jon thinks we are finally finished something always starts bothering me about the space and I must add something else to my endless to do list. In my bedroom that last 10% that has been bothering me is the naked floors. I always wanted wooden floors and in this house I got them, but lately I’ve been missing something cushy under my feet when I get out bed.

My first stop whenever I need rugs is RugUSA. I’m lucky enough to have their showroom minutes away from me. So a couple of weeks ago I headed over to check out some the contenders.

In any room when you are looking for a rug the color and pattern are always important, but another important key is the size of the rug. Nothing like having a rug that is way to small for the space and only peeks the slightest bit out from beneath the bed.

Here is a size guide for those of you with a Queen sized bed like me.

Since I had the space I went with the largest version of this beauty.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I can’t wait to set it up. Of course once I decided the rug I realized I needed to switch up the paint color and alas another project was born and we are still at a 90% finished room.

Can’t wait to get the space all wrapped and show it off to you all.

Did you snag anything during RugUSA’s crazy Black Friday sale?

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2 Responses to Decorators Handbook: Area Rug Size Guide for Bedrooms

  1. That same thing happens to me – drives the hubs bonkers. Thanks for the layouts, this really helps. I’m looking for a new rug for my girls’ room and was having a hard time visualizing what size I’d need.

  2. Sara Cate says:

    I too snagged a USA Rug! We bought a shag rug for our nursery. It should arrive this week!
    Love the rug you chose!

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