Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We were all fighting varying degrees of a cold this weekend so there was a lot of resting and mainly doing nothing. Poor Jon had to deal with two babies this weekend. Let’s just say I can be a bit cranky when I’m not feeling good. Regardless we still had a bit of fun.

Hudson started out the weekend being a bit funny. We’ve been working on transforming a vintage TV cart into a bar cart for our dining room. It’s almost finished so we propped it up in our dining room to see how we liked it. Well Hudson liked it a little too much and kept crawling into and acting silly.

Of course while he was there he decided to play peek a boo with the help of the dining room curtains.

Knocked up on some cold meds we decided to head out to our local Nordstrom to check out their new updated cafe. It’s now called Sixth & Pine and is oh so cute.

Very retro looking:

That was all of the outings I could handle so back to bed I went.

Sunday morning I nursed my cold and enjoyed reading through Thom Filicia’s new book, American Beauty.

Check out a peek into some mirrors we made for a client. We wanted to install them this weekend, but my cold had another idea so I got to enjoy seeing them at home.

I manged to sneak out Sunday for a little bit of errands and found a cute a $10 gift idea at Home Depot. For the DIY-er in your life a paint set with Pantone colors:

We just got a Shake Shack in our town and it’s madness since it’s open. The lines are out of control, but during our outing we got lucky and we managed to get some burgers and enjoy some kisses while we waited for them to be ready.

We ended our outing by stopping by Buy Buy Babyand testing new car seats for Hudson. He enjoyed the outing as well by pretending to be for sale:

So cute! We decided to pick him up and bring him home. ;)

How was your weekend? Any recommendations for booster seat car seats?

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8 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. Sara says:

    Hope you are feeling better!!

    Not sure if the terminology has changed, but where I live kids must be 4 years old and at least 40 pounds to ride in a booster car seat, so my kids were almost 5 when we made the switch. Maybe you mean a convertible car seat? Those are what kids usually switch into when they are done with their infant seat. They can usually be rear-facing up to a certain weight/height limit (which is safer even for kids who are old enough & can legally face forward, but oh man, it definitely is easier when they are front facing ;)!), and then face forward well past the 4 year/40lb criteria to switch to a booster (just check individual models for the safety limits). Anyway, those convertible seats, and even just the regular car seats (that can’t be rear facing but are not boosters) usually have the 5 point safest harness. Britax was always the best reviewed brand when we were looking for both kids.

    We are just in boosters now, so maybe I am out of date and mistaken and there are seats that are called boosters that Hudson could fit in? My daughter did have a Graco Nautilus an in-between seat when she was 4, too tall for her convertible seat, not quite 40 lbs, and I still wanted a 5 point harness. It then converted to a high back booster. But, it’s pretty tall and not contoured like the car seats for babies/toddlers, so I would guess it wouldn’t be comfortable for cute little Hudson.

    Just my car seat 2cents!

    • effortless says:

      Thanks Sara.
      They were calling them convertible car seats and booster seats.
      Most of them started at 20 pounds and then some at 30/40.
      So confusing! We are still trying to figure out what we need.

  2. Danay says:

    1 – You went to Nordstoms Cafe without me?!
    2 – There is a Shake Shack in town now ?!!
    3 – Miss you! Greetings from Berlin!

  3. Julie P says:

    Get a Britax – my daughter who is petite was in her Britax Marathon from 7 months until age 5 1/2 – she could still be in it size wise, but it actually expired so we just upgraded to the Britax frontier. The Marathon installs rear facing until the child is big enough to ride forward facing (that is the convertable part). It was not cheap, but the installation is simple and the straps never get twisted and in my book any piece of baby equipment that lasts that long is worth it. Albee Baby usually has Britax models for a good price plus free shipping. Oh and bonus is the cute patterns you can get the cover in.

  4. Carrie says:

    I second that last recommendation about Britax, and the fun patterns. My youngest is six so I would highly recommend getting something you think is cute because you’ll have it FOREVER.

  5. awww, you saw my paint! so awesome, glad you liked it :) (the mycolor inspired by pantone is the paint brand that i am a spokesperson for! :) i write a project blog for them, check it out if you want at

  6. Amanda says:

    We just switched our 9 month old son from his infant car seat to a convertible seat. We did a lot of research and went with the evenflo symphony 65 e3 – what a mouthful! It has really good reviews on and he seems to love it so far. He’ll rear-face until age 2 and then he can forward face upto 65 lbs. Good luck!

  7. Katie says:

    Go with a britax! We have the boulevard. I also considered the marathon but we have a small car so i wanted the additional side impact protection. We bought another brand for grandmas car and it was a PITA to install and use, whilein comparison. The britax is simple to use, super cute & seems comfy for my daughter. So worth the extra $!

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