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Hi All,

Hope you enjoyed your extended holiday weekend. I loved taking a mini break from blogging/work during the Christmas/New Years madness, but I must say I’m excited for life to get back to normal a bit. Of course since it’s a new year and all I do want to make some changes on my normal and that means getting a bit more organized.

When I worked for someone else I was one of the neatest people I knew. Now that I work for myself client receipts end up sprinkled throughout whatever coat I happened to be wearing and measurements, etc end up on post it notes, old mail envelopes, or the receipts I mentioned above. Not good.

In order to hit the ground running in 2013 I’m looking into picking up a new planner. While I’m a blogger and embrace all of the things that my computer and iphone help me with I really love going old school with my daily notes and schedule.

Here are some of my current favorites that are in the running:

1. The Day Designer by Whitney English: I’m totally intrigued by this planner, but since I can’t just pick it up and flip through the pages to check out all of it’s bells and whistles I’ve been in a bit of sticker shock situation with the $55 price tag.

2. Leather Planner: I think this may be a bit too teeny for my liking, but I do love that the small size means it could slip in my purse and it has a pocket where I can store important receipts plus it’s over all just so pretty!

3.Iconic Leather Journal/Planner: Love the leather cover, love the contrasting elastic band and the inside looks amazing, because it’s full of space to jot down all of my notes for clients or blog ideas.

4. Der Reisende Schedulers: First off it’s called a scheduler. Fancy, right? Secondly I love every single color it’s available in and thirdly it’s just so aesthetically pleasing that it had me at hello Der.

5. Merci Pour Tout: Adore all of the color combos that is available in plus the styled photos on this site are great. The French High School student in me also loves the French saying on the cover. It’s on the teeny size though so again I’m not sure if it would work for my needs. My handwriting tends to be a bit big and loopy so I need a bigger page.

6. May Designs Planner:Love how you can customize just about everything on this planner. You tons of pattern designs you can pick from and then you can pick your own background space, monogram style, monogram color and what pages you want included on the inside. It’s also amazingly budget friendly with my featured option coming in at $20.

I think I’m leaning for option 3. What about you? Do you pick out a new planner for the new year? Any favorites I need to check out before I make my final pick?

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17 Responses to Hit the ground running…

  1. love the colorful leather note book. I am not the most organized designer either, loosing cab receipts, misplaced client meetings notes, fabrics etc… so much multi tasking bis involved and i have become a list maniac, totally dependent on my note book.

  2. Danielle says:

    love the first and the last! but then again, anything that reminds me of Scalamandre is a winner.

  3. Sarah says:

    The Day Designer is *wonderful* and truly unlike any planner I’ve ever seen (and I’d consider myself a connoisseur.) Whitney clearly put a ton of thought into the design, and it really is made for the blogger/creative type. I imagine the $55 price relates to the fact that she’s getting it printed herself, and likely in smaller quantities than your average corporate stationery. I recommend it, plus there’s the added benefit of supporting a small biz. ;)

    • effortless says:

      Oh so happy that you chimed in since you own one. I’m now leaning towards this one. I’ve been eying it for weeks now! I love supporting small businesses. I actually did all my Christmas shopping this year by shopping small businesses. It was easy to do and I was happy it was all gifts that people didn’t see a million times while wandering the mall. :)

  4. Alexandra says:

    I have 4 May books and 2 sets of May Notes! 2 of the May Books are just notebooks, then i have one baby planner and one academic planner.
    I am obsessed.

  5. tara dillard says:

    Thought I was the only one to agonize over this decision.

    Finally chose a bright pink small notebook……

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  6. dayka says:

    I got a really good one at Target last week for about $10. It was on one of the end caps, is hard back (tough to destruct) and spiral bound which is a must for me if I’m going to keep it throughout the year. I love that the sections to write for each day are large b/c I love to write in minute details so I can look back and see how my year went. Let me know if you want to see a pic!

  7. Nikki says:

    I love planners like crazy. I had the kate spade one in 2012 but we didn’t really get along. So I got a Lilly Pulitzer one that started in like August and goes through 2013 and I love it! It has the month on two pages and then has weekly spreads, which I like. I love that first one but I wouldn’t pay that much for a planner. I also thought about getting an Erin Condren (I think that is what it is called) planner, but it was pricey too. I think my Lilly one was about $30.

  8. that lavender journal is amazing! happy new year, camila!

  9. sarah martin says:

    It seemed like you liked the third one a lot. The strap seems like it would hold in a lot of paper scraps and receipts which is helpful, especially for a designer.

  10. LRC says:

    Hi, I love the third journal/planner on your list. But I believe the link is not accurate as when i click on it, it sends me to the lavender planner on etsy (#2). Maybe it is just my computer, but i’d love to know where i could purchast #3.


  11. I feel like I had the same debate — I reallly wanted the day designer but it’s a bit big for me — I like to carry mine around the city… so I ended up ordering that maybook’s calendar in the exact same zebra print!

  12. I have #3 and love it. Fits in my purse and that band means I can stuff receipts, paint chips, etc in there and nothing falls out.

  13. Camila- Happy New Year! The Day Designer does look interesting… I have my calendar on the wall and a ream of blue letter-size paper that I write a “list” on every day. I number everything in order I need to get it done and jot my day’s notes on the back. Am I too lazy to write things on a calendar and write them in a planner? I guess so! Maybe I should go the planner route, too!


  14. Gaby says:

    The whitney english one is on my wishlist, as in I’m getting it in the next weeks ;) I’ve had 2 sarah pinto planners and I loved them, they are not expensive, well made and you support a good cause by buying them ;)

  15. naomi says:

    Good ol’ Moleskine.

    They have so many options and i love their little stickers!

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