To & From Valentine’s Day Edition!

Have you guys heard of To & From magazine? It was started by Katie from Modern Eve and Meg from The Edit. The second I heard the concept behind it I had a total, “I wish I had thought of that” moment. They came up with the idea of having a massive gift guide for practically everyone in your circle of family and friends that was curated by tastemakers made up of our favorite bloggers. Not only do you get to check out gift suggestions that you might not know about from people that are beyond obsessed with good design, but many times I find a new blog by checking out all of the curators.

I was lucky enough to get asked to be part of the Valentine’s day edition that launches today! I got asked to give some picks for your single girlfriends. I got engaged at 24 and married at 25, which was really early in my circle so I’ve always been surrounded by many single ladies. I knew I could come up with a fab selection. I tried to stick with a good budget and most of my picks are way below $100. All items were selected to make those single ladies in your life happy and hopefully that their certain someone was right around the corner and regardless they rocked!


Hope you enjoyed my picks (pg 86)! Have any favorites? I tried sticking to mainly small businesses and two of my favorite picks from my picks happen to be the Bouquet print from my pal Sarah’s print shop which I would gift with these You are my superhero notecards.

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  1. meg biram says:

    thanks so much for posting camila!

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