Treat yo self: Take a picture

Due to the holidays I took a little break from the Treat Yo Self series, but now we are back in action.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a beautiful leather photo album from Under Cover. (Thanks Danay!) Under Cover is a British company that makes amazing leather accessories in bold happy colors. Getting an old school traditional photo album bought back a lot of memories. Lately all of my photos are on the computer and I rarely get any of them printed out. In the past one of my favorite things to do was make yearly albums and now that Hudson is around I think I’m going to start that tradition again.

{ I received the album in the upper left hand corner, but also really like the bottom version as well.}

For a bigger photo album I really like the Felicity Memo Album from Exposures. Love that it can be personalized.

Do you still print out pictures and put them in actual albums or is it all digital images and if anything digitally made photo books that you have printed?

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9 Responses to Treat yo self: Take a picture

  1. Jessica R says:

    I just ordered my first family photo book via blurb. It didn’t take long to put together at all. I ordered two, one to look at every day and one as a keepsake (like Ashley at Under the Sycamore recommends). I never order prints either but I take a million pictures of M, who is just slightly older than Hudson :)

    • effortless says:

      Oh happy to hear reviews about blurb. Was going to try it for Christmas gifts for the grandparents, but ran out time and never ended up doing it.

      • Jessica R says:

        Books just arrived yesterday – not super pleased with the quality (especially for the price!). Pictures were kind of grainy. :(

  2. Jess says:

    I just ordered and received the “Project Life” album and pages from amazon. I’m going to try to keep up with it and do every month this year… fingers crossed, I stick with it! Love those neon albums!

  3. Elaine says:

    Something I’ve started for 2013 is making a Project Life album. Have you heard of it? Oh my gosh….totally rocked my view of making a scrapbook! It’s basically scrapbooking simplified. A year one week at a time. You can make it as embellished or minimalistic as you want. You can journal as much or little as you want. They sell Project life cards and the plastic photo pages on Amazon. I got the photo pages, but I’m making my own “kit” of colored paper to use so it has a cohesive look. My favorite album I’ve seen is on the Paislee Press website/blog. I think you’d like her stuff, too. The best part is how easy it is if you’re already taking pictures on your phone! Just print a few pics for the week and write a few notes.

  4. diane says:

    I am so old school and really enjoy albums. When my daughter was born (25 years ago) I started an annual Christmas album with a new one each year and when we pull those out every Christmas everyone gets a kick at looking at clothes, how young family members were and even the ugly wallpaper on the walls. I also send my sister a small album every year after we all vacation together (her husband, my husband the two sisters) and she keeps them by her reading chair in a basket and when she is feeling lonely she drags them out and takes a look at them. Your little boy will get all kick out of them when he gets older because he can touch them, carry them around etc.

  5. Carrie says:

    I haven’t even been making digital books; I have been a total slacker in this arena. These albums are very pretty. Maybe just the incentive I need to print some photos and make an album…

  6. laurie says:

    I did albums until the kids were about 8/9 since then it has been all digital. I keep saying I am going to print & paste…..maybe when I retire. :) Love these albums and the colors1!

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