You did what? Graffiti Lamp

So, I haven’t done a You did what? post since Oct, because I wasn’t really feeling that in awe of anything I was seeing. Well yesterday I stumbled upon an image that had a lamp I was certain was high end and to the trade which of course equals $$$$$$. I figured I could recreate the look myself, because there was no way I could afford it. After doing some digging on the original source of the image I was shocked to find out that what I thought was an expensive lamp was actually a DIY project.

Jana Bek who is a contributor for Made by Girl took this lamp:


And turned into this beautiful graffiti lamp:

Amazing! For DIY instructions head here. Don’t have a gourd lamp you can transform? No problem pick one up here here for $45!

All photos via Made by Girl

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3 Responses to You did what? Graffiti Lamp

  1. laurie says:

    Fabulous diy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ok seriously love! Again another why didn’t I think of that moment!!

  3. Jessica R says:

    LOVE this!!! And I need lamps for my family room… hooray, new project! Thank you for sharing!

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