Adore Loves Effortless Style

adore feb-mar 2013 cover

I was so excited when I found out I would have the opportunity to be part of the latest issue of Adore Magazine. Adore is a digital shelter magazine from the land down under. I love Australian design trends so it’s always a monthly read for me. I got to take part in their blog love series and pick out some of the items that are currently on my, ” I MUST HAVE” list.

adore magazine

You can check out all of my finds on page 24!

Adore Home magazine pre order adore home book pozible

Also Loni Parker the force behind Adore is hoping to get an Adore Home book out on shelves soon. In order to make that happen though she needs some start up funds. If you would like to support Adore and pre-order the book head here for all of the details. I really hope this projects becomes a reality, because I would love to have an Adore book on my coffee table.

Happy Friday All!

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3 Responses to Adore Loves Effortless Style

  1. This is awesome, congrats!! I looove Adore magazine, it’s one of my favorite online mags! Hope they make the book!

  2. LOVE Adore. That’s great news, congratulations! And OMG, an Adore book?! I’m in!

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