Easy DIY Floral Arrangement

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are all enjoying today with the one or one’s that you love. Valentine’s Day has never been a big holiday around Casa Pavone, but one staple that I always love is flowers. I tend to be a bit picky with floral arrangements so I’m much happier to receive bunches of blooms from the corner deli or local supermarket that I can put together myself then a made up arrangement from a florist.

I decided to revisit an old post and share how simple it is to make your own arrangement.

You will only need a couple of items to take this:


And this:


And make this:


You can find the easy steps here.

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2 Responses to Easy DIY Floral Arrangement

  1. I always feel like such a dumdum when people suggest easy, amazing ideas like this. Brilliant! So simple and chic.

    You’re assigned floral arrangements for the dinner party in my new dining chairs :)

  2. Chassity says:

    That’s beautiful and super smart :) xoxo

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