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I’m certain you have all heard about our latest In her shoes featured lady, because she is the mastermind behind the beautiful home decor items available at Stone Textile. Her stylish pillows, fabrics, napkins and place-mats have graced the pages of many of our favorite shelter magazines both digital and print versions. I just had to email her and see if she would take part in our series. She was more than happy to. Please enjoy a day in the life of Elizabeth from Stone Textile.


Hi everyone! It is such an honor to take part in Camila’s “In Her Shoes”
series. I am Elizabeth, owner + designer of Stone Textile, a modern home
product line based in Austin, TX. Here is how I spend my day…

6:45 am : Time to get up….I like to try and workout in
the morning (or else it won’t happen). Toby, my labradoodle, sits and
watches me and probably is like, “what is she doing!?” Let’s just say the
dance/cardio portion of the tape is quite comical when you are not the
dancing type…I try.

8:00 am: We live
right off of South Congress street in Austin. It is a very cool street
packed with restaurants, coffee shops, and very Austin-esq clothing and
vintage stores. Toby and I walk to Jo’s to grab the first of many
coffee’s. This walk has become one of my favorite parts of the day. It
is very calming, the calm before the storm!

9:15am: With more
coffee involved, I like to sit and work on my blog, Stone Textile At Home.
I usually do the posts the day before. I have tried the whole schedule
thing and it was not working (oddly). So now I just blog about whatever
is inspiring me at that moment. It has become a really fun creative
outlet for me. I then answer emails, work on social media for Stone
Textile, skype with my production team in California, approve fabric
swatches, finalize colors for our upcoming stationary line…ect The list
is one of those never ending ones and really differs day to day! Before
I know it one of our interns arrive…

11:15am: I am so lucky
to have two great interns working for me. We have orders to fill and
ship. Stuffing pillows (perfectly) is kind of a work out! We QC (quality
control), stuff, tag, wrap, box and repeat…It is important that every
product shipped out is checked by me. After all of the orders for that
day are packed up we go to visit our friends at UPS…I usually do most of
my errands and meetings in the afternoons. Shoe Change:
Since I am 5’2 I always like to wear some kind of heel…the heels tend to
get progressively larger as the day goes on…)

1230:pm: The pillow
line was recently picked up by a great local home store called Wildflower.
I had to bring a few pillows over there before my lunch meeting.

1:30pm I meet our
sales rep, Leaia, at Walton’s. Walton’s is one of my favorite lunch spots
in Austin (Sandra Bullock actually owns it). Here, Leaia and I discuss
the new wholesale business, update our store lists, and makes a ton of
calls and emails. Before I leave, I grab some fresh flowers at Walton’s
little flower shop. I love one stop shops!

3:30pm: I meet one of
my designer friends at the only wholesale showroom in Austin. It’s a MINI
MINI D&D building! I am looking for wallpaper for a new client
project and she just bought a beautiful new house. So we tackled around
30 books….I can really do that for hours!

5:30pm On my way home
I stop at Starbucks for coffee number 3 (working on cutting back!). I like
to take Toby to the dog park in the afternoons. He loves it there. If my
husband is home early we like to take him together. Shoe
I put on some walking shoes as heels + dogs parks do not
mix! After the park I do a little more work, read some magazines, answer
more emails ect… Some nights we/my husband cooks (I am lucky that he
loves cooking and that he is very good at it) and some nights we go
out….there is always a new spot opening in Austin and we love trying

Shoe Change : Final change of the day…time to go meet
our friends at Winflo for drinks and dinner. We are lucky enough to be
able to dine outside pretty much all year round in Austin. This
restaurant’s patio is located under a beautiful old tree covered in lights
and the interior decor is amazing. I am always taking pictures of design
element that inspire me. Wine with my husband and friends is the perfect
way to end my non-stop day…After 4 shoe changes I am usually in bed by
11:30 making my mental list for the next day!

A big thanks to Elizabeth for taking part in our In Her Shoes series. Also as a little perk to our readers Elizabeth is offering 15% off for her shop, Stone Textiles.In order to use the 15% off simply email for 15% off your next Stone
Textile order. Offer is good from now until 2/15! Please include “In Her Shoes” discount in
the subject line.  I think I need to use the discount and pick up my favorite style perhaps the tuxedo,or the dip,or the twist,or do I finally pull the trigger on one of these babies available in fuchsia colorway! Ah decisions, decisions.

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2 Responses to IN HER SHOES: Stone Textile

  1. Not only do I love her pillows, but she’s got amazing taste in shoes too! :)

  2. I enjoyed hers and her shoe change.

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