Scenes from my weekend…

After seeing what a typical day is like for me I’m sure you can understand why I wanted to do a whole bunch of nothing this weekend. Of course with a little one there isn’t a ton of doing nothing so here are some peeks into what we did accomplish this weekend.

I popped back into Ikea to pick up supplies for some upcoming DIY posts! Here is what caught my eye:

I went there looking for this, but there was no stock in my store.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 9.27.44 PM
{So pretty, right? Anyone seen it in person?}

I did manage to find some good looking bedding.

{Loved all of the new colorways of Springkorn and the imperfect stripes.}

{Liked the wide stripehere and how it kinda reminded me of all of the turkish towels I see and love.}

Fell in love with some new pillows that were on display, but not available online yet.
{Totally Palm Beach chic, right?Only $4.99! Reminded me right away of Mrs. Lilien.}

Since it was really raining in between errands we took Hudson to an indoor playground so that he could let out some energy. This places toddle section was really little, but it had a huge pirate ship that Hudson loved.


After playtime we continued our errands to finish up picking up items for the DIY projects. Our next stop was Joann’s where I contemplated this fabric:
{Crazy or cool or a bit of both? I couldn’t decide so I left it behind. After lots of searching just found the link!On sale for $8.99 a yard!}

Loved the box pleat trim available:
{Could only find it in pinkonline.Yellow pom pom trimthat is also pictured.}

Went into the container for boring stuff, but here are some of the cute finds I found.

Gummy Carafe:

Who doesn’t love a lacquered box?


Then I popped into the new Trader Joes for dinner supplies. It was packed, but I managed to get in and out rather quickly and fell in love with these mini flower pots. So cute and only 2.5″ high. I wanted to get a whole bunch for my kitchen window sill, but I saw them on the way out.


Sunday morning Hudson helped me one of my DIY projects.

{Ah what a dirty little secret. How messy is that cabinet? Don’t worry we got it in tip top shape. Ok Hudson napped and I did all the work, but we’ll still leave it as a we. :) }

After nap time we ran out to the fish store so that Hudson could check out some fish! Last week I was asking him about fish and he whispered fish!!!! It was the cutest thing everything and we pretty much think he is a genius. :) Of course the men looked at the fish:


And I found pretty coral I want to decorate with:

We also did some crafts before heading out to Grandma & Grandpa Pavone for dinner:
{How cute is Hudson paying attention. Ah I could just eat him!}

Of course we made it home in time for the Oscars red carpet. Here’s Hudson’s face when I told him we were going to watch E!

{Not happy, but both Hudson and Jon took part in my mini Oscar party and pretended to care about hair and dresses.}

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6 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. He is such a cutie. And I think I’m really loving that rainbow animal print. Very cool!

  2. Raiana says:

    your life is so colourful!! Love it!

  3. Loving that flamingo pillow!! And your little man:)

  4. Tippi says:

    I need a trip to ikea for those pillows!!

  5. You just saved me, I’ve been on a hunt for black lacquer boxes for my wedding decor! Off to the container store this weekend :)

  6. Hudson is getting so big!!!! Seems like you were just pregnant?!?! Those pink/orange Ikea pillows came home with me last week!!

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