Style Plan: Modern Prep Bedroom take 2

I had so many fun items to pick from that I did another little round up on a bedroom set.


modern prep bedroom

No.1: What girl doesn’t dream about having a canopy bed? I know I’ve always wanted one and I’m super sad that Ikea stopped selling their budget friendly one. I’ve always found them in the $1,000+ range, which is why I was happy to find one for $748.95!

No.2: I would make my bed up with the Katie duvet set in multi color from Biscuit Home.Since I’m always cold and Jon never is we always fight about the blanket situation in our room, which is why I always need a stylish accent throw.

No.3: I adore the shape of this mirror and now I’m even happier that it’s available in a bunch of bright colors. How amazing would the blue colorway look in this set up? Plus how amazing is the dresser with the mirrored drawer fronts complete with a geometric pattern.

No.4: Striped rug because you know how much I love them. The black and white stripes would go perfectly with this coral storage ottoman that can go at the foot of the bed.

No.5: Pillow talk with cornflower boudoir shams by Biscuit Home,fretwork lumbar pillow,and a stripe.

No.6:Pop of orange with an accent chair that is topped with a mini ikat dot pillow,and a perch for your book or glass of water.

Wow! That’s a whole lot of style plans. I thought it would be easy to curate a sale, but I had millions of items to choose from and I must admit it was exhausting. They asked me to make sure there was a common theme and that people should be able to just buy everything and have an instant room. That’s like having a whole lot of clients that you are working with while curating. I hope you enjoyed a peek into the process and my vision for the sale.

Thanks for being so supportive of the sale and understanding of all of the related blog posts this week.

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