Design Dish: Pillow Talk

This Friday we are back with Design Dish to discuss a little pillow talk.

I’ve gone back and forth on this topic for such a long time. The way we handle our pillows has always been a risque topic of in the design world. Some designers love a good karate chop, while others detest the idea and say pillows should be left alone.

Since I go back and forth on the topic I have a little of each in my own home.

Karate Chop:

{My living Room}

Left As Is Pillows:

{My dining room window seat}

In my own personal experience I think each option works perfectly with the space. In the living room the white sofa I have is massive in size so the karate chopĀ  fluffs up my pillows a bit and fills the space a bit more. Plus the chop gives a little peek of the sofa which helps break things up visual.

In my dining room window seat I have lots of different patterns going on and then the framing in the windows. Keeping them as is keeps things more calm and less chaotic. Imagine all of those pillows karated chopped and your eyes would go a bit nuts with all of the up and down motion.

So, my final thoughts on the topic are that it simply depends on the space. I like both. One little tip I have is that if you love a karate chop then go with a 100% feather insert. With a feather insert you can make your chop as deep as you like and even their left as is look will have a small natural chop. If you want your pillows left as is with a straight line up top then go with a poly fill pillow.

One last tip always buy your inserts a bit larger than your pillow cover. So, for an 18″ pillow cover by the next size up insert, which would be 20″. If you already have 18″ pillow covers and 18″ inserts you can add a little oomph to your pillows with some batting. I use to wrap pillows and stuff the corners back in my photo styling days at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Where do you stand on the pillow talk debate?


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5 Responses to Design Dish: Pillow Talk

  1. Claire Davis says:

    I completely agree with your pillow style! When a pillow needs to be functional (Ex your dinging room), I leave it full. When it is decorative and you probably wont sit down and lean up against it I karate chop it!

  2. LifeLoveLuxe says:

    I’m “thumbs down” on The Chop. I think, if done correctly, it looks way too formal. And if done incorrectly, it looks way too sloppy. Instad, I like my pillows to look fluffed, and full, and luxurious.

  3. The traditional full look is my preference, and I always use feather inserts. I can see where a “chop” gives a little depth for a photo shoot.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’m having some major pillow envy! Where’s the one in the front on top and the two rectangle ones in the lower photo?

    I do both, depends on the pillow and the space!

  5. Julie says:

    I have no problems with the chop, but I have to say, that when I do do it, I laugh because I know some consider it to be a huge “no no”. I like your stand on it, to each their own and it can work.

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