Look for Less: Charlotte Perriand “Les Arc” Chairs

Lately with client work I’ve been venturing outside of my comfort zone and working with more masculine design elements. What? Doesn’t every one love pink, polka dots elephants? :) I’ve been finding some hidden gems and this latest find is a great steal!

Charlotte Perriand was a designer and architect that was part of a design team that worked on ski resort Les Arcs. She selected these chairs as part of the design for the ski resort in the early 1960’s.

les arc chair
{Home of Davidelfin & Gorka Postigo}

I love that they are the perfect mix of mid-century modern with it’s clean lines and rustic with the worn leather. Great combo, but of course with all of those perks there is a hefty price tag. A set of 4 that is currently on sale on 1st Dibs for $6,400.

les arc chair

Now it would be amazing to own a set that was used in the ski resort, but my wallet isn’t that large. No where near in fact so I was happy when I found a look a like.

les arcs

Only $144 a chair with free shipping! Amazing, right?

Happy Shopping!

*Forgot to mention that I took part in a fun fashion series last week over at Our Fifth House.Go check it out hereif you want to learn about my 7 fashion essentials.

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4 Responses to Look for Less: Charlotte Perriand “Les Arc” Chairs

  1. Charlotte Perriand was an extraordinary woman, I love her work and even had a few of her chairs in my showroom…sorry I do not love pink and polka dot elephant, gravites much more to modern, eclectic style…

  2. There can never be enough pink, polka dots and elephants, but that chair is devine. :)

  3. LiveLikeYou says:

    Great find!! A much friendlier price.

  4. Nice find…now that is my kind of aesthetic at a more affordable price.
    P.S. I enjoyed popping over to Our Fifth House and being introduced to Carmel…a new read for me.

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