DIY Custom Framing Alternative

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the people behind Signazon They are an online printing company that makes it easy for your print anything from business cards to outdoor signs and everything in between and to my particular importance, posters aka how I can get photos printed in an extra large for only $52!!!!

Of course what good is a budget friendly printing option if custom framing is going to take me to the poor house. A quick trip to the home improvement store for around $10 in supplies and I was ready to go.

Since I’ve not so secretly been trying to add some updates to Jon’s man den I decided to get a family photo blown up:


I went with the snap poster option instead of the poster option, because it gave me a sturdier paper and matte finish. You could easily have it ready to mount in a handful of minutes.

During a trip to my local home improvement store I picked up a piece of mdf for around $8.


Step 1: Cut your mdf to size and spray a layer of spray adhesive. I used the spray adhesive I had in my craft closet, but you could whatever you have in your closet.


Spray glue needs to get a bit tacky before you apply it. So while you let that get tacky start spraying the back of your photo.

diy framing alternative
{We worked on this project a couple of weeks ago hence Hudson’s long hair. He had also decided on that day that he only wanted Daddy and since I needed to snap photos this is what we had to do. :)}

diy framing alternative

Tip: In order to make it go on smoothly and not have to keep removing and reapplying it we started at end then slowly smoothed our way to the other side.

diy framing alternative
{Check your can of spray glue for how long it takes to set.}

diy framing alternative

In order to keep costs down we went with a 1/4″ MDF so using D-rings for hanging wasn’t an option. We cut some spare pieces of wood we have lying around and got two equally sized pieces (In length) and used liquid nails to apply it to the back of the MDF.

The top (wider piece) was for hanging purposes and then bottom (slimmer piece) was used to simply balance the top so that it wouldn’t tilt forward.

diy framing alternative

Once your nails are set into place simply place the top piece of mounting wood on top of nails and you are all done.

diy framing alternative

Side profile:

diy framing alternative

Ready to tackle your own framing job? I love the floating effect it was, but it would also be super easy to get some trim pieces and frame it out.

*This post was sponsored by Signazon. All opinions are my own. If you want to purchase your own enlarged photo they currently have a coupon code SAZ10%L for 10% off your order.


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12 Responses to DIY Custom Framing Alternative

  1. Looks great my sweets!!

  2. Ashley says:

    Such a great project! And how cute is Jon’s little helper? :)

  3. Grace says:

    Sounds like a great idea! Is the 3M spray easy to find?

  4. Lisa says:

    This looks awesome! Great idea.
    And wonderful multi-tasking with your son strapped on!

  5. Looks great. But how did you get it sprayed on without any bubbles? Whenever I make a sign like that I always end up with bubbles or creases. Am I just a clumsy oaf?

  6. Judi says:

    What can you tell me about the map behind this picture?

    • effortless says:

      It’s wallpaper, but it’s was hung way before my blogging days in my husband’s den so I don’t have any info on it.

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