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I came across today’s featured lady from one of my favorite pals, Chassity from Look Love Linger.  Chassity lives in Charleston and is surrounded by some super talented friends. One day she had a picture of some art by her friend Way Way a fellow artist and resident of Charleston who is also a blogger at Blue Chickadee. I was smitten. I’ve been obsessing about the beautiful pieces of art she produces and one of her pieces is at the top of my upcoming birthday wish list. I think you will enjoy a peek into her life and I’m now determined to get myself down to Charleston. Such pretty scenery, amazing weather and a fab group of ladies that are oh so effortlessly stylish.


Hey there, I’m Way Way of Blue Chickadee blog and I am thrilled to be participating in this “In Her Shoes” segment! I am a wife and momma of two young boys.  I’m also an artist and run my small business through a shared studio space, Novel., in downtown Charleston, SC with three of my closest artist/creative friends (Lauren Lail of Library: Archives of Fashion, Liza Cleveland of Bon Vivant and Jane Pope Cooper of Balboa Jewelry and Jane Pope Jewelry). I have been a long time follower of Effortless Style so this is very exciting for me to be participating in this segment!

A day in the life…

6:00 Alarm goes off…sleep walk into the shower. I have to get up before my boys and get myself ready or else I’m scrambling all morning!


6:30 COFFEEE can’t enter my mouth fast enough and a show for the boys….


8:30-Out the door to school

9:00 Head to my studio, Novel., to paint.  Novel. is my happy place!  I am so lucky share this beautiful studio space with three of my nearest and dearest friends.  Two days a week I work here at the studio from 9:00-3:00 and the rest of the week I am a stay at home mom.  Here are a few of my latest works (on board and the last three shots on paper)….








1:00 While taking a few minutes to eat a bite of lunch, I peruse Fab for some vintage goods that one of my besties happens to be showcasing!!!  Lauren also just so happens to be one of the original founders of our studio space, Novel.!  


At 3:00 I head home, but first make a pit stop at Celadon, ( one of my favorite home and accessories stores in town) and I spy some awesome pillow covers!!!  A couple may have made it home with me!


3:45 I head home finally and let the boys get into a little backyard mischief…


and then decide we need to get our pants on and take a golf cart ride down to our neighborhood boat landing to do a little exploring and boat watching.  This is one of the many reasons why we love living in Charleston!!  We are just a stones throw from the water!


6:00-Get home and have supper, bath, and story time.  


While daddy’s reading, mommy slips in a few minutes on Pinterest (supposed to be cooking supper for us-whoops!!!!)




8:30 Finish cooking and we sit down to eat and talk about our day…


Wine of course is happening at this point….

9:00 Clean up the house and off to do laundry-the worst part of my day in my opinion!!!!


(This pic was before I dumped all the dirty clothes on the floor!!!)

After laundry is finished the hubs and I plop down on the sofa to watch a little of the boob tube.  By 10:45 I hit the sack.  I’m tuckered out from a full week of work and play!

Thank you Camila for having me talk about my day!!! 

XOXO Way Way  


Thanks so much Way Way!If you want to stay up to date with all of the happenings at Novelmake sure to check out their blog.

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  1. Oh Way Way this is such a great piece! Love seeing the boys on there–too cute!

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