DIY Kate Spade Inspired Polka Dot Keds

When I heard that Kate Spade was teaming up with Keds I knew there had to be a polka dot number in the mix and to my delight there was!

kate spade polka dot keds
{Kate Spade Keds}

I loved them, but I couldn’t justify $75 for a pair of Keds. What’s a girl to do? Figure out a way to make her own.

diy kate spade polka dot keds

diy kate spade polka dot keds

I picked a pair of canvas sneakers aka Keds look a likes at Payless. Only $14.99 and not only do they have black and white, but a fab array of summer inspired colors like orange, lavender and mint green. I found the Sharpie paint pens at JoAnns for $3.99, but they are available online here for $1.70. In order to get perfectly shaped dots I needed a pencil and Martha Stewart’s multi surface craft paint in a midnight blue.

diy kate spade polka dot keds
Step 1: Paint the pink border on the out sole of the sneakers. The sneakers already has grooves all throughout the out sole so it’s very easy to take the paint pen and fill it in. No need to use painters tape.

A slip of the hand might happen, but don’t stress. It’s easy to clean it up with some paint thinner.
diy kate spade polka dot keds

diy kate spade polka dot keds
Step 2: Apply paint to eraser. I just dipped the eraser in a bit of paint and made sure not to overload it. I didn’t want excess paint to spill out of the edges when I pressed down on the canvas. The best part about polka dots is that you can free hand the pattern and apply as many or as little as you like.

diy kate spade polka dot keds
Step 3: A small paintbrush will help you fill in the paint if you have canvas showing through some of your dots. I only found this that this happened a once or twice per shoe. So it wasn’t time consuming to fill in some dots.

diy kate spade polka dot keds
Step 4: It’s all about the details. Use your paint pen to make your shoe lace ends pink like our inspiration keds.

diy kate spade polka dot keds
Step 5: Such stylish kicks deserved to be paired with a dress instead of jeans or work out clothes.

Close up of sneakers:

diy kate spade polka dot keds

This project was so easy and fast to do and it came in around $20 for all supplies.

I’m adding these babies to the summer soiree linky party! Have you added anything to it yet?

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7 Responses to DIY Kate Spade Inspired Polka Dot Keds

  1. I’m a sucker for anything with polka dots and I love that you recreated those shoes. I had the same thought when I saw the price tag on the keds.

  2. Ximena Ramirez says:

    I LOVE these!! I want to make a pair!!!

  3. Ashley says:

    BEYOND ADORABLE! And there’s no one cuter to sport these than you, Camila.

  4. This just may be my favorite DIY project of Spring. Fabulous! I shared your post with my Facebook readers at ConfettiStyle-Interiors!

  5. Awwww your sneakers are adorable!!! That looks like an easy and fun DIY that even I could do!

  6. These shoes are so sweet! Love the polka dots. So fab!

  7. So cute! I definitely need a pair for myself:)

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