Unofficial kick off to summer

j.crew striped bathing suit

kerry cassil umbrellas

Teil Duncan Artwork
{ Bathing Suit/Beach Umbrella/Teil Duncan artwork}

 I hope many if not all of you get to sneak out of work a bit early and start off on your memorial day celebrations. As the unofficial start of summer is upon us I’m already dreaming about new bathing suits, beach days and of course some dreamy artwork to remember them by.

Are you not smitten with artist Teil Duncan’s work ? I’m in love with her beach series and I’m so sad all of them are currently sold out. I very badly need one of them for my gallery wall. She does have a large variety of nudes available at a great price point if you want to help yourself.

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One Response to Unofficial kick off to summer

  1. Teil Duncan kills it!! Ahhh!

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