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Since they are a good amount of my readers that use Google ReaderĀ  and sadly Google Reader is no longer after tomorrow I figured it was best to do a little post updating everyone on the news and giving you some different options for how you can still your daily dose of Effortless Style.

BlogLovin: Seems to be the most popular option that many blog readers already use and enjoy. People like that it gives you a quick blurb on the post and image and then when you click to read more it actually sends you to the blog so you can see the bloggers pretty header, side bars, etc. It also gives the blog editor a click/pageview, which helps them out when it comes to advertising opportunities. You can also like/favorite posts so they are bookmarked and saved for future reference.

The Old Reader:It’s suppose to be just like the old Google Reader, but better. It makes the transfer from Google Reader easy, but they have no mobile apps if you like reading off your phone.

Feedly:Suppose to be the easiest reader to transport everything from Google Reader.

Nuffnangx: Makes it easy for you to import from Google Reader, it makes it easy for you to read your favorite blogs on your cell phone and it makes it easy for you to comment on blogs and get responses from the blog editor.

There are a bunch more options, but in all of my research these seem to be the most liked options out there. A new reader on the horizon is,which is still in beta testing so it’s only be invitation only. I signed up to be put on the list, but I’m still waiting. Anyone using it yet?

You also get your daily dose via your inbox. If you don’t follow a ton of blogs this is a good option. I know it’s how a lot of my family members get their daily dose.

Use this link to do so: Subscribe to Effortless Style Blog by Email

Happy Reading!

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One Response to Bye-bye Google Reader

  1. Camilia- Goodbye Google Reader!

    I think I will try bloglovin…

    Thanks for the other options, too!


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