Etsy Spotlight: Elizabeth Mayville

I have known artist Elizabeth Mayville for quite some time now. She runs her a shop on etsywhere she sells a whole slew of prints. I think her most popular in the blog world has to be prints from her top knot series.


I have been working with Elizabeth way before her top knots came about and I must say she is one of my go to artists for gifts. I love nothing more than getting someone a custom gift and Elizabeth’s prices are so affordable that it’s really easy to give them out as gifts.

Here are here current sizes and prices:

4 x 6″ – $60 + shipping
5 x 7″ – $72 + shipping
8 x 10″ – $180 + shipping

I typically purchase the 5 x 7 size and they work out great.

Here is what I’ve gotten done so far:

A picture of my Dad with Hudson:
elizabeth mayville

A picture of Jon snuggling with our little guy:


A picture of Jon’s Dad with Hudson during our family trip to Florida:


A picture of Jon’s grandparents from their wedding day:

A picture of my mom with Hudson:
elizabeth mayville

I’m pretty sure Elizabeth can paint Hudson’s sweet face with her eyes closed by now.

Elizabeth is amazing to work with. Working directly with the artist is amazing, because you can tell her how much of the background you want to see and she will also make any little tweaks that are needed (if any) when she is done with the painting.

To check out more of Elizabeth’s work head over to her shop!

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7 Responses to Etsy Spotlight: Elizabeth Mayville

  1. Wow! Didn’t know she did all of these custom pieces. She is beyond amazing.

  2. She does gorgeous work! And I’m even more excited about her now that I see she lives in Grand Rapids! It’s always a treat to work with local artists. I’m going to commission a portrait for my husband’s birthday. Thanks for sharing!
    Abby M.

  3. LOVE THIS!!! Will be reaching out soon for a wedding gift!

  4. Joelle says:

    OMG I love these prints!! Thank you for introducing me, I will definitely be making a purchase :)

  5. stephanie says:

    Just bought the red headed one. Love!

  6. Wow, I had no idea her prices would be so amazing for custom work! I can’t wait to commission a piece! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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