Popping In

Hi All,

I knew I couldn’t stay away for too long. I want to thank you all for your sweet messages, tweets and emails. So nice to know that friends from far and wide totally know where I’m coming from. I finally feel like myself again and being a blogger is part of me so I’m back to posting. I’m still going to try to lighten my blog load this summer, but you’ll be hearing from me a couple of times a week.

In order to ease back into things I thought I would do a little recap of what my days have been like these last couple of days.

I wrapped up two photo shoots for DIY projects I was working on for HGTV.

Here is a little peek into the projects:

Project 1:

Project 2:


I also wrapped up another fun styling project that I’ll be posting soon:


Along with starting and finishing another DIY project for the blog:


I also took some time out to enjoy the sunny weather and have a picnic by the park, but since I was trying to relax a bit I picked up McD’s instead. A little fast food doesn’t hurt, right?


Plus with all of the hot weather we have been getting we opened up our pool…the baby pool of course. Hudson has been loving it and this momma has enjoyed reading by the pool and dipping my toes.


Thanks again for all of your support!







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2 Responses to Popping In

  1. Ashley says:

    Break? What break?! It looks like you’ve been quite busy lately and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your HGTV projects! And how cute is that little skinny-dipper in your baby pool? :)

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