Sliding Doors

I have a massive list for items that I would love to have in our forever home. Something that has been on my list for a long time is a space to place sliding doors.

Now if I’m being honest I do have two doorways with sliding doors in my current house, but they are in my basement aka the man den and they are brown and lets face it UGLY!

So let’s play pretend and see what I would rather see in my forever home.

Barn doors always look really cool in homes and it feeds my desire for a little country/rustic touch in a space.

{Sliding Barn Door}

Using an outdoor door inside also looks really nice. Still looks a tad country, but not as rustic and more modern plus I love the windows:
{ Sliding Outdoor Door}

Using vintage doors and in pair form really up the elegance factor with sliding doors:
Sliding Pair of Vintage Doors}

I also love the idea of using them to hide an office nook in your home. I don’t know about you, but when I see my desk out in the open all I can think about is the running to do list of things that still need to get done. Out of sight, out of mind.
{Sliding Doors with screens}

Talk about a chic way to baby proof my stairs! Wonder if I can take Jon into this option! How amazing is that emerald green paint job?!
{Pop of color sliding door}

Lastly I must say I’m obsessed with the painted frame window screen look. That whole wall is amazing, but the fact that it fills the full wall and part of it slides to let you enter/exit is amazing. No boring solid door to mess up the vibe.
{Sliding Window Panel Doors}

I was recently introduced to Accordion and while a lot of their door options are for commercial spaces that need room dividers they do have a section for Shoji screens that looks like they would make for a good option for interesting sliding doors that can easily be installed yourself. Plus since they are screens they will still let light in. The foray into my favorite sliding doors was brought to Effortless Style by Accordion Doors.Thanks for supporting the sponsored that make Effortless Style possible.

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3 Responses to Sliding Doors

  1. I’ve wanted a sliding door in my house for ages. I’m currently saving to add a half bath, but it’s tucked into what used to be a butler’s pantry. I think a sliding door would work perfectly there and have been keeping my eye out. The hardware seems to be uber expensive, though!

  2. Audra says:

    Love this post! I would really love a sliding door in our future forever home. I have a thing for unique and charming features! Have a great weekend! Audra @

  3. Dear Friend,
    Very nice post!! Thanks for sharing with us!! we are usa based supplier and installer of custom accordion doors, room dividers, movable or operable walls, folding gates, security enclosures, storefront enclosures and much more.

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